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We review your resume comprehensively so you get all the information you need. Frequently asked questions include:

What can I expect from my resume review

Since our goal is to help you land more interviews and better jobs, we’d be reviewing your resume based on the standards of hiring managers.

After our review, you’d get feedback on questions like:

How long do I have to wait for the review?

Our review takes up to 5 business days. Why? It takes this long because we’re providing you with specific feedback tailored to your resume. 


The review is handled by our team of experts and not bots or AI. We do this to ensure that you get the most accurate review that helps you land more interviews.

Why should I care about the ATS test?

An average of 75 percent of job applications get rejected even before they are seen by human eyes.

Application Tracking System or ATS is a system used by hiring managers to filter resumes even before it reaches their table. As high as 75% of applications get rejected because they are not compatible with an ATS. 


So if you want to improve your resume’s chance of landing on the hiring manager’s table, you need your resume to pass the ATS test. Our free review will help you do that.

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