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How to Impress Recruiters With a Short Video

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The job competition doesn’t decrease but systematically increases. Therefore, effective and creative methods of impressing recruiters become more and more necessary.

One of the innovative approaches that will quickly gain the attention of recruiters in the often diffiсult job search process is the use of short videos.

Let’s take a look at what a recruiting video is, and how to make it so that it not only introduces you to a network but also impressеs recruiters.  That is, how exactly you can use it to raise your professional profile and get the attention of employers.

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Video Recruitment: Essence and Benefits for Both Parties

Video recruiting is the use of footage materials in the process of attracting and selecting personnel. This method allows candidates to emphasize their personality, skills, and motivation in a more attractive way. Recruiters, in turn, can get more information about candidates. Watching video presentations makes the selection process more convenient and efficient.

There are advantages of footage for both job seekers and hiring managers. Here are some of them.

Personality in the foreground

Video allows candidates to showcase their unique personality. Along with it, communication skills. This is sometimes not possible to reflect in a textual resume.

Reduced time for screening

This is an advantage for recruiters. By evaluating candidates at the video interview stage, recruiters eliminate those who do not meet the requirements.

Global access

Thanks to social media and online platforms, footage can easily reach recruiters around the world. This expands the range of opportunities for candidates.

It’s also worth remembering that it’s important for both recruiters and job seekers to have quick and easy access to find the information they need.

Later on, we will consider YouTube as one of the ways to post and promote hiring videos. Therefore, the process on how to clear YouTube search history on a Mac is an imperative task. To know how to delete YouTube search history, you should follow a few steps.

Namely, open your YouTube account and go to the History tab. Select the option Clear all search history. Knowing how to delete YouTube history and clear YouTube history, you can easily maintain the privacy of your search query. Moreover, keep the information on your device clean.

Techniques for Creating Recruitment Videos


First of all, the video should be easy to understand. It also needs to be logically organized. Typically, it needs to have an introduction, key points, and a summary-motivation from the candidate.

Content and Script

Start by carefully developing a script for your footage. Identify the key elements you want to include. Those should include:

  • Education,
  • Work experience
  • Personal qualities
  • Goals

Don’t make it too long. Avoid having too many monologues. 

Professional Appearance

Your appearance must create an exceptionally positive and reliable impression and meet corporate standards.

Video and Sound Quality

Ensuring high quality and clear sound is extremely important.

Use a good quality camera or a smartphone with a good camera. Make sure the lighting is adequate for clarity.

The sound should also be extremely clear.

All this will increase the recruiter’s desire to watch it to the end.

Visual Elements

Use them to make your video attractive. Add elements such as photos of your workflow on projects or other interesting moments of how you approach solving problems.

Emotion and Inspiration

Share your energy and emotions through your video. That is, emphasize your motivation and inspiration to work.

It’s important that you show not only your skills, but also give recruiters a sense of how satisfied you are with what you do.

Use of Text and Graphics

You can use text elements to highlight key information points in a concise manner.

Graphics can also help you stand out from other candidates.

Placement and Promotion of Hiring Videos

Posting videos on popular platforms helps to increase distribution and attract recruiters. Comments and interaction with viewers can increase the response to the video and the interest of hiring managers.


It is one of the most popular professional networks. By adding a video resume, recruiters can watch your footage while viewing your profile.


You can create your own YouTube channel and upload your video resume. Using YouTube can increase your online visibility.


This platform specializes in high quality videos. You can create an account here and upload your footage CV to it.


This platform is specifically for creating and posting video CVs. It simplifies the process of creating and sending footage resumes to employers.


That is another popular platform for video recruiting.

We hope that the techniques discussed will help you create a video that not only attracts attention and leaves a positive imprеssion on recruiters but also makes them want to contact you.

Therefore, choosing the right strategy and shooting according to certain standards and techniques can be a key step to make a good impression on recruiters and ensure success in the job search proсess.


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