Sales Associate Resume Examples & Templates (2022)

Have you being bordered about how to organize your resume to secure that Sales Associate interview? Stress no more, because in this article we will be offering tips that will help you in that job search and also educate you on Sales Associate resume.

Well before moving into the topic, I will like you to have a brief knowledge of Sales Associates. Usually, a Sales Associate is a part-time retail employee that aids clients in locating objects, answering questions, and paying for his or her purchases.

Sales Associates have to be outgoing, positive, informed of all items the shop is selling, and sincere with money. It’s now no longer the maximum glamorous job, however, it can be a stable choice, mainly if you’re enthusiastic about what the shop carries.


sales associate resume
Sales Associate Resume Template Designed By Our Experts

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Now that you have a better idea of what you’re applying for, let’s move on to how to create your Sales Associate resume!

How Do I Write A Sales Resume?

Below are a few tips that will enable you to create, or more appropriately, write a standard, effective and detailed Sales Resume.

1. You Need A Winning Career Summary

There is no gainsaying that recruitment managers read through résumés quickly, without dwelling too much on unnecessary details.

So, if your resume does not impress them right off the bat, then there is a likelihood that your application is really in jeopardy, particularly, if you’re applying for the position of a Sales Associate.

Truth is, there is so much competition in the labor market, that you can’t afford to put in a low rank effort while writing that resume- as a matter of fact, it is the first impression you will leave on a prospective employer.

And so, one way to leave a lasting impression on your prospective employer and equally land an interview is to write an awesome, captivating resume objective.

The resume summary consists of three to four sentences that carry a substantial amount of information about you as a prospective sales associate.

Indeed, a career objective is arguably the greatest tool you can ever wield to land a job interview.

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So, below are the tips on how to effectively write a successful sales resume.

  1. The first sentence in your career objective naturally serves as your introduction, there you should state your name and expatiate on all the relevant working experience you have garnered so far.
  2. The second sentence allows you the opportunity to highlight your areas of strengths and abilities. You can take it a step further, by mentioning the position you wish to fill in if applicable.

Such catchy statements like “I can connect with customers and it has helped me succeed in these environments”. I was also “able to boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty through the quality services I provided”.

That additional information goes a long way to add a bonus mark to your sales resume.

The third sentence should conclude things, and here you should explain why your experience and skill-sets make you the perfect candidate for the job.

You could write it thus:

“I believe my commitment to customer service coupled with my passion for the retail business will help me fit properly into your team, and quickly become an asset to your company.”

There, you go!

Landing a job interview is largely dependent on your ability to write a concise, detailed, and informative career summary, and trust me, only then will you be sure to get the attention of the employer.

2. Highlight Relevant Work Experience

Remember those days you worked in customer service. Under your work experience section, start each job description with your greatest career achievements.

This is because recruitment managers will always skim through resumes quickly, so this is the best way to make sure your outstanding work experiences and accomplishments are noticed.

To achieve conciseness, some common verbal phrases are usually used on a sales associate resume, and they include:

  • Responded to customer complaints
  • Provided information to visitors
  • Sold services to customers
  • Attended to customers’ suggestions

The whole concept is to give the recruitment manager an idea of how huge your responsibilities are and how huge your former company is, and an idea into how many guests you are able to attended to daily.

Also, try to incorporate numbers or percentages where necessary and as often as possible.

They will require additional information such as “How many customers did you manage every day?” “How much sales did you make on average every month?”

This sort of concrete information is valuable proof that you have to substantiate claims of your industry abilities.

You must keep this section of your resume focused.

It should not contain irrelevant details or unsolicited information like the plants your watered or how you emptied the trash and other suchlike mundane details.

You need to keep your resume powerful by creating a concise summary of your major responsibilities and accomplishments. So better not to mess it up with irrelevant content.

And if you haven’t worked a single day in your life, that’s not a problem.

For entry-level candidates, you can include some extracurricular activities like volunteer work you did, club membership, and anything else of that nature.

Remember, your lack of work experience can even be de-emphasized simply because you’re social and active, which shows confidence and competence.

3. Highlight customer service-based skills

Have you got any people skills? Then you should write them down. Including these excellent skills into your resume, will increase your chances of getting hired.

Also, it is going to help you make your Applicant Tracking System resume software friendly.

Below are some examples of skills that should be included in a sales associate resume:

  • Bilingual ability
  • Point of sale software
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Loss prevention
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Leadership
  • Management etc.

There are numerous others. However, you should tailor them to suit the position you’re applying for. The position of a sales associate is a very important one since they are the face of the company.

They are the image-makers of the company and they are better disposed to interact with customers, handle complaints, provide support and assistance, and a lot of other services on behalf of the company.

Do you desire a career in customer service? Keep in mind that there are some core skills you will need to acquire to succeed.

We shall discuss these skills in details, below:

1. Interpersonal skills

In dealing with people you must feel relaxed and confident while communicating with them. You should also know how to quickly develop and maintain relationships with people from different backgrounds.

2. Communication skills

Communication is essential while dealing with people. It is very important to communicate clearly and efficiently while dealing with customers. This includes phone and one-on-one conversations.

You will equally need excellent writing skills since a lot of customer complaints come in written form and this will require responding to them through written correspondence.

3. Patience and empathy

A greater part of the customer service job requires resolving the customer’s complaints. More often than not you will encounter angry customers, who will vent their anger, and need you to be attentive and empathize with them.

In such situations, you need to exercise patience when resolving the issue. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with people from all walks of life, so patience is the watchword!

4. Problem-solving skills

Your first responsibility as a sales associate is to ensure that customers are satisfied. This includes resolving all their complaints, no matter how unexpected it might be. You’ll need to be tactful.

Sales Associate Resume Experience Examples

Below are Retail Sales Associate Resume Experience Examples;

The position of a sales associate is an important one in a retail company as they increase customer satisfaction and generate huge revenues for the company by helping clients purchase products.

Sales associate resume includes such duties as handling cash transactions, shelving items, attending to customer inquiries, and reporting sales progress to managers. Other essential skills required on the job include customer service, sales orientation, teamwork, organization, and communication.

Retail Sales Associate resume examples contain the following information and sections:

Sales Associate resume experience examples for customer service jobs

  • Excelled in a service-oriented company while demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively with customers from different backgrounds.
  • Responded to telephone inquiries and provided quality service to customers and business associates.
  • Strive to quickly resolve complaints and was highly commended by my supervisor for being able to resolve customers’ problems on the first call, without escalating the problems
  • Pioneered new accounts and maintained a strong, growing customer base.
  • Thoroughly learned the company’s product offerings and contributed to an increase in its monthly sales growth.

Sales Associate resume experience example for the tech industry

  • Resolved technical issues in Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry devices
  • Exceeded monthly sales quotas for handsets, cellular activation, and accessories
  • Trained customers on how to set-up, operate, and maintain their mobile phones and tablets.
  • Increased store profitability by acquiring and managing small business accounts.
  • Conducted offsite presentations to promote company products and services.
  • Coached co-workers and customers on Samsung devices as a lead product advocate

Retail Sales Associate resume experience example

  • Implemented marketing strategies to substantially increase store productivity and repeat-client.
  • Cataloged and evaluated customer research, market conditions, and competitor data.
  • Motivated the team by promoting teamwork, rewarding positive behavior, and encouraging optimism.
  • Demonstrated a proven track record of success in an energetic quota driven environment.
  • Led team by providing crucial business training in self-reliance, spirit to succeed, and vital ability to successfully communicate with people from all backgrounds.
  • Described merchandise and explained its use, operations, and care.
  • Recommended, selected, located, and obtained merchandise based on customer needs.
  • Computed sales prices, total purchases; received and processed cash and credit payments.
  • Maintained knowledge of current sales, sales promotions, payment, and exchange policies.

Do you want to land an interview on that job application?

If yes, then you must begin your Sales Associate resume with a summary statement.

Many employers do not read beyond the first section on a resume. So, if yours happens to be picked up by the recruitment manager, who has little or no time, your only saving grace will be your Resume Summary. That’s because it is the first section that will be read.

Let’s face it, writing a resume summary is hardly fun.

You have to carry out a lot of research and thinking before you create a good one. It needs the right kind of words and format, to come out perfect.

Therefore, your chances of landing an interview if your resume summary falls below expectations are very slim.

Without proper guidance, the chances are that you may end up supplying too many details or even inadequate information, and either way, you’re not safe!

Keep in mind that the idea behind a resume summary is to hold the reader’s attention to keep reading.

And if the resume summary isn’t impressive enough, the recruitment manager will most likely dump it and pick up the next resume, hoping to find a better read.

Do you want to know how a resume summary should look like?

Refer to the examples below:

Sales Associate Resume Summary Examples

  • Customer service-oriented and competent Retail Sales Associate with 9+ years’ track record of success in delivering an outstanding and personalized retail experience; A pleasant individual who meets and exceeds customers’ expectations through the delivery of exceptional services; Possesses a strong drive for results.
  • Experienced retail sales professional with a demonstrated commitment to providing quality customer service in fast-paced retail environments; Proficient in greeting customers, assisting them, and recommending merchandise based on their wants and needs.
  • Self-motivated and courteous individual with strong background in merchandise display, and cash handling. Known for providing quick and efficient responses to Customers at all times, while handling their concerns in a helpful way.

Retail Job Description Resume

Retail Sales Associate Job Description

Any business that sells goods directly to consumers can benefit greatly from the service of a retail or sales associate.

These versatile team members do whatever is necessary to promote a positive customer experience, from maintaining an attractive environment to helping customers find particular items.

Retail associates may work either full- or part-time.

The variety of hours available to work often attracts college students, parents, and others looking to balance a job with other responsibilities.

Many retail associates are hired temporarily during the busy holiday season, and some use it as a path to regular employment.

Retail Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of a retail associate vary from organization to organization, although some core tasks are common.

Based on our analysis, people hired as retail or sales associates usually perform the following responsibilities:

1. Greeting Customers

Whether positioned at the entrance of the store or in an individual department, retail associates show customers that they are valued by exchanging pleasantries and offering help in finding items.

2. Monitoring Activities

Retail associates keep an eye on what is going on both inside and outside of the facility.

And this may include noticing a spill and cleaning it up, making sure enough carts are available at the front of the store, or restocking items when a display is low.

The presence of retail associates throughout the store also deters thieves and vandals.

3. Developing Expertise

Good retail associates know where items are located within the store and they also should possess knowledge about merchandise within their assigned department so that they can intelligently answer questions from customers.

4. Working the Checkout

When customers are ready to pay for their purchases, retail associates perform actions such as scanning items, bagging them, totaling the bill, collecting payment, and issuing a receipt.

If someone needs assistance getting a purchase to a vehicle, the retail associate will notify the appropriate staff member.

5. Performing Upkeep

Employers may assign their retail associate’s common tasks necessary to keep operations flowing and safe.

This might involve picking up trash, putting discarded items back in the correct place, restocking shelves, or mopping an entranceway.

6. Training New Employees

Experienced retail associates may be tasked with getting new employees up to speed and looking over their work.

Retail Sales Associate Skills and Qualifications

Abilities often found among successful retail associates include:

Interpersonal skills

Getting along well with colleagues and customers is essential, so those who know how to listen, communicate, and interact pleasantly have an edge over other applicants.

Commitment to policy

Wearing appropriate attire, acting professionally at all times, and following company guidelines are expected of a sales associate.


Perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, such as opening a new lane when checkout lines go a long way to boost the job.

Physical requirements

Standing behind a register, bending to pick up items, lifting merchandise onto shelves, and maneuvering carts are among the actions requiring strength, flexibility, and stamina; a comfy pair of shoes.


Duties can change quickly based on need, so retail associates must prioritize and juggle demands


The environment can get stressful during busy times, so remaining patient with customers and level-headed with demanding managers is admirable

Retail Associate Education and Training

Retail associates typically have a high school diploma or are in the process of obtaining one.

New employees should expect a period of on-the-job-training where colleagues and managers teach them about store policies, customer service, the location of items, and check-out procedures.


Understand the basics.

Learn the Process.

I wish you a stress-free journey in your learning process.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments section below.

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