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How to work remotely using only your smartphone?

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Employees can now enjoy the flexibility of working remotely thanks to mobile apps that provide full functionality on their handheld devices – rivaling what's available on desktops.

An influx of innovative productivity apps each year is enabling businesses to witness tangible returns on investment from remote work technology. Their cross-device compatibility significantly boosts their appeal.

For those whose work involves travel, or for anyone wishing to break free from the office desk a few times a week, these productivity apps serve as a vital conduit to maintain seamless connection with your office environment, no matter where you are.

How to work remotely using only your smartphone?

1. Purchase and expenditure

Whether you’re cozy in your living room or busy at your desk, the convenience of mobile apps lets you handle shopping and budget planning with ease. An array of apps tailored for fiscal management empower employees to submit purchase requisitions right from their smartphones or tablets.

For instance, an app like Smart Sheet can incorporate a step for managerial approval, ensuring corporate governance remains intact even during remote transactions.

Many such apps provide the functionality to scrutinize, endorse, or reject procurement proposals, all within the app. They present you with detailed product information and pricing, and some even offer the option to make direct calls for immediate confirmation. Furthermore, telecom operators provide sim-only plans that are perfect for your company’s workforce needs.

Although the smartphone has already reached the level of a computer in some areas, its memory capacity is significantly less. We have to make difficult choices and remove personal data. But we can use phone cleaner and remove only what is of no value to us.

For example, Cleaup phone app can find duplicates and similar pictures, as well as various garbage on the device. In this case, you eliminate 3 main problems: slowing down the speed of the device, do not spend a lot of time on it, and free up space.

2. Virtual meetings

Flexibility and efficiency are key in the modern business world. Imagine you’re engaged at a vital business conference miles away, yet an essential meeting back at your Washington DC office demands your presence — a physical impossibility without the stress and time constraints of air travel.

Enter the world of video conferencing, a tool exemplified by platforms like Skype for Business, which ingeniously offers the solution to being virtually present in two places simultaneously.

Industry leaders recognize the significant advantages of this technology. PGI reports that 56% of chief financial officers are turning to video conferencing, drawn by its adaptability and potential for reducing expenses.

Available round-the-clock, services like Skype not only provide robust security but also enhance interactive engagement with features like instant messaging, allowing for real-time dialogue during conferences.

3. Media communication

Besides VoIP, you’ve got a slew of other options to stay connected with clients—think Slack, Yammer, or Google Docs. And here’s the kicker: they’re all handy on your mobile devices. That means you’re always plugged into the conversation, file-sharing included, and it’s like you never left the office.

Plus, most of these apps play nice with Microsoft Office, which means less hassle for you. Worried about quick and secure file transfers? Don’t be. They’re fast, safe, and they’ll kick your efficiency up a notch. With these tools, your team—remote or not—will be the definition of in-sync productivity.

4. Sales and prospects

CRM software revolutionizes how teams monitor their progress, with wins, losses, and prospects accessible from any device.

Services like Salesforce and PipeDrive provide instantaneous access to lead and sales data, ensuring you’re informed in real time, no matter your location. Remote work doesn’t mean being out of the loop—live updates and note-taking features keep your team aligned, even when you’re not there.

For roles that demand frequent contact updates for leads in the sales funnel, these apps make it seamless to edit details on the go, directly from your smartphone.

5. VoIP services

In today’s fast-paced business world, maintaining customer relationships is paramount, no matter where you are. Traditional methods, like relying solely on landlines or using your personal number, aren’t just impractical; they can disconnect you from your clients and affect your bottom line. Plus, those exorbitant rates for long-distance and international calls can put a dent in your budget!

Enter VoIP technology – your office on the go. This innovative service ensures that you’re just a call away by turning your smartphone into a mobile office.

Whether it’s forwarding office calls to your cell, accessing voicemails, or making calls as if you were behind your desk, VoIP offers a seamless, cost-effective communication solution for the modern professional on the move.


A cursory glance at any app store quickly uncovers a staggering array of applications designed to simplify remote work, which undoubtedly reflects the growing trend of working from home. This surge is far from surprising.

The demographic of individuals opting to work remotely has been steadily increasing. According to an article from The New York Times, over 43% of American employees spent some portion of their year working outside the office.


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