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Senior Business Analyst Job Description

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The responsibilities of a senior business analyst vary from one position to another. The senior business analyst, who can also be called the lead analyst, is a trained individual whose role is to over-see the business processes.

In order to ensure that your professional resume will support your goals, use this senior business analyst job description to know what you should include on your resume.

This template will enable you to identify what skills, qualifications and work experience is appealing to an employer in your target field.

senior business analyst job description

Who is a Senior Business Analyst?

A Senior Business Analyst assesses, verify, manages, and define company or client’s business functions and processes based on project documentation to achieve greater efficiency in customer relation.

They also review work done by junior executives under them.

Senior Business Analysts evaluate the technicalities of business problem and then devise strategies and provide business solutions intuitively.

Senior business analyst also acts as link between the junior executives of an enterprise and the superior business unit.

Senior Business Analyst Job Description

A senior business analyst is responsible for making adequate analysis of business problems and customer needs to define functional and non-functional requirements for technological solutions.

They build strong partnership with business and technical teams to deliver application solutions with respect to value, quality and, end- user experience.

The key focus of this senior level position is to efficiently ensure that all the business processes take place smoothly.

A Senior Business Analyst has to formulate effective strategies for improving and enhancing the performance of the organization.

They work closely with the business unit to understand various processes such as customer patterns, sales patterns, product development, etc., and strategize a plan of action accordingly.

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Responsibilities of a Senior Business Analyst

The responsibilities of a business analyst vary depending on the type of organization or industry they are working in, however there will be some commonness across roles:

  • Provide and support the testing and implementation of business solutions by establishing relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Identify business needs, determine and carry out necessary processes and practices
  • Monitor progress and results; recognize and capitalize on improvement opportunities
  • Adapt to competing demands, organizational changes and new duties
  • Stay updated with customer needs and strategies
  • Utilize formal and informal written communication methods (for example, emails, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, executive updates, task lists, updates) to communicate updates and findings
  • Facilitate project meetings and presentations to all types of diverse audiences such as; senior management, customers, and technical staff
  • Collecting, analyzing, reviewing, validating and documenting business requirements
  • Analyzing commercial data such as budgets, sales results and forecasts
  • Modelling business processes and identifying opportunities for process improvements
  • Creating functional specifications for solutions
  • Support and align efforts to meet customer and business needs
  • Simplifying information and decoding technical jargon so it is easily understood by the whole team
  • Reconcile information received from multiple sources
  • Articulate and isolate in scope and out scope element
  • Supporting business transition and helping to establish change
  • Take charge in multiple projects by completing and updating project documentation; managing project scope; adjusting schedules when required; ascertaining daily priorities; ensuring effective on-time delivery of project tasks and milepost
  • Following proper escalation paths and managing customer and supplier relationships
senior business analyst job description

Senior Business Analyst Job Requirement

The minimum educational requirement for a senior business analyst job description is a bachelor’s degree.

An applicant will have an upper edge with a degree in applicable field, such as business administration and business management.

  • Must have proven experience as a professional business analyst.
  • Expertise in MS Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SQL, EPS, SDLC.
  • Must possess the ability to handle multiple projects at any point in a fast-paced environment, independently and collaboratively with team.
  • Strong communication, writing and leadership skills.
  • The ability to critically think, understand, analyze problems and find possible solutions.



  • A minimum of five years working experience in business analysis, data mining, information or related fields
  • Bachelor degree in business courses, information technology or related field


  • Two years’ working experience as a business analyst
  • Experience in warehouse or supply chain environment

Senior Business Analyst Key Skills

A Senior Business Analyst resume should contain the following key skills:

  • Data visualization
  • Database proficiency
  • Programming Languages
  • Software development
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Multitasking
  • Business Operations
  • Technical understanding
  • Client management
  • Problem solving


A Senior Business Analyst is an integral job role for any company, and any professional in this field will have a potential for career advancement.

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