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First Mover Advantage: How to Highlight Your Competitive Edge on Your Resume

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"If your team happens to gain the first mover advantage, it can serve as a powerful asset in your future job search, paving the way for notable success."

Crafting a resume that highlights your achievements is essential, and being a part of a company that attains the first mover advantage should not go unnoticed.

It’s vital to showcase your role in attaining this accomplishment and how it impacted both your team and company.

In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of first mover advantage, clarifying its significance, and providing guidance on whether or not to incorporate it into your own resume.

What Does it Mean to Have a First Mover Advantage?

first mover advantage

Establishing a reputable brand and a devoted customer base is the ultimate objective for any business.

Being a first mover in the market means being the pioneer in introducing a product or service. This grants the company the opportunity to capture the attention of customers before any other competitors.

By the time other companies enter the market with similar products or services, the original company has already secured a loyal customer base.

However, it is usually the larger companies that have the resources to achieve first mover advantage.

Coca-Cola provides a perfect example of a first mover company. Although Dr. Pepper was the first soda to hit the market, Coca-Cola managed to emerge as the market leader. This was because Coca-Cola had more financial resources and was able to enter the market ahead of Dr. Pepper.

If you are considering adding first mover experience to your resume, it is important to confirm that your company actually achieved this status.

Simply being the first to introduce a product or service is not enough to be considered a first mover. It is not only about who enters the market first, but also who can successfully establish a loyal customer following.

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Durable First Mover Advantage

There is a distinction between a sustainable first mover advantage and a fleeting one that should be recognized when emphasizing your commitment to helping your company achieve this advantage.

Take, for example, Barnes & Noble’s initial foray into online book sales.

Although they were one of the earliest players in the game, they eventually lost out to Amazon.

Nonetheless, if you played a role in launching Barnes & Noble’s online sales, it is worth noting on your resume. By highlighting your accomplishments, there is no need to mention that the success was short-lived or that another company took over the market.

Both a temporary and a long-lasting first mover advantage are valuable when it comes to your career achievements.

How Do Companies Achieve First Mover Advantage?

Achieving first mover advantage for companies requires strategic planning and thorough market research.

As you talk about helping your company to put its marketing strategy into place, you must consider the type of market research conducted and any technological advancements utilized while developing your strategy.

Understanding the dynamics of the market is crucial for your company’s success in gaining a first mover advantage.

Moreover, conducting competitor research can be helpful as well. It’s possible that your company has technological advancements that your competitors lack or are using outdated technologies.

Knowing this information can help you create a successful marketing or product development strategy, which can add value to your resume.

You can be certain to position your company for long-term success in the market by staying ahead of the competition.

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Disrupting the Norm

One constant in life is change, and adapting to it is essential for success.

Staying abreast of market trends and keeping tabs on your competitors can aid your team and organization in recognizing the need for change.

Guiding colleagues and superiors through transformative moments is a valuable accomplishment to add to your resume.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate how your efforts led your company to become a trailblazer in its industry.

Including the First Mover Advantage on Your Resume

As per the Harvard Business Review, it is key to consider four scenarios when attempting to establish your company as a first mover.

These scenarios include fast-growing markets, gradually growing markets, fast-moving technology shifts, and modest technology changes.

If your product or service operates in a market and technological conditions that are rapidly advancing, achieving first mover advantage may be a challenging feat.

On the other hand, if things are moving at a slower pace, your company could potentially gain an edge.

When crafting your resume, it is worth mentioning your ability to analyze current and historical trends in both the market and technology to refine your product or service offerings.

As noted by the Harvard Business Review, it could be that technology is outpacing market conditions or vice versa.

Highlight any relevant knowledge and experience you have gained in achieving first mover advantage to stand out to potential employers.

Example of First Mover Companies

example of first mover companies

First mover companies as earlier noted are those that lead the way in innovation, paving the path for others to follow.

Take Coca-Cola, for instance, which is a classic example of a first mover. However, it’s not the only one. Some other noteworthy names that come to mind are:

Amazon, which has been ranked as the second most innovative company by Forbes. Although Amazon wasn’t the first to sell books, it was the first to take that business online. And since then, it has continued to expand its offerings and become one of the biggest players in the retail market, going head-to-head with Walmart.

eBay, too, was a first mover when it launched its online auction platform in the mid-1990s. It may not have been the first company to try its hand at online auctions, but it certainly emerged as the most successful one.

Netflix is yet another example of a company that gained a first mover advantage. While it entered the market after iTV, it quickly became the market leader in video streaming, beating out rivals like Amazon Prime and Hulu.

More recently, Tesla has joined the ranks of first movers with its revolutionary electric vehicles. Since the launch of its first electric car, other automotive giants like Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota have tried to catch up, but Tesla still remains the clear leader in the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a First Mover

Similar to every other aspect of life, there exist merits and demerits of being a pioneer. Obtaining the first-mover advantage can bring various advantages and disadvantages with it.


Helping your company establish a first mover strategy can yield several advantages, such as:

  • Establishing industry leadership and recognition
  • Fostering brand loyalty and consumer trust
  • Controlling resources by securing optimal supplier rates
  • Attracting top talent who are eager to be part of an innovative venture
  • Protecting intellectual property through patenting, trademarking, or copyrighting, which can deter second movers

These advantages can be highlighted in your resume language to showcase your accomplishments, such as:

  • Directed the development of new patents for XYZ Corporation, securing a first mover advantage in the emerging field of green energy technology
  • Led a successful go-to-market strategy for ABC Company, resulting in a 35% increase in market share and recognition as an industry leader
  • Recruited and managed a team of 15 top-performing engineers for DEF Inc., enabling the timely launch of a new software product that revolutionized the market


Determining whether pursuing the first mover advantage is worthwhile often depends on various factors, such as the cost of marketing, scalability, and the availability of production capacity.

For this reason, only larger companies tend to be considered as first movers since they usually have the financial resources to undertake such endeavors.

However, apart from financial considerations, being a first mover also comes with some potential drawbacks, including:

  • Investing a significant amount of resources into developing and marketing a product or service, only to have another company imitate or replicate your efforts.
  • Some consumers may be hesitant to try new or untested products, preferring to wait and observe before committing, which can create opportunities for second movers to capture market share.
  • Second movers can learn from the first mover’s mistakes, thereby avoiding similar pitfalls.
  • Companies that launch products or services after the first movers have the advantage of reviewing customer feedback and adjusting their strategies accordingly.

If you are part of a company that did not secure the first mover advantage, you can still highlight your achievements by showcasing your role in fine-tuning existing products or services or reverse-engineering ideas to meet client needs.

Here are some examples of effective language:

  • Identified a gap in the market for emerging technologies and spearheaded the development of a new system that automated processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings for our clients.
  • Analyzed market trends and secured leadership support for a product line transformation that met customer demand while maintaining profitability.
  • Recognized the need for a mid-market product line and devised customer-centric strategies that generated over $3.5M in new revenue in under a year.

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Second Mover Advantage

It’s possible that your employer may choose not to pursue a first mover strategy as it may not be the best fit for their objectives.

For instance, a smaller enterprise with limited resources may be unable to pursue such a plan, or perhaps your organization isn’t keen on taking on the associated risks.

Nonetheless, guiding your team and company to adopt a second mover approach can yield significant rewards that will come in handy during your next job hunt.

In the section, we’ll explore some of the triumphant companies that didn’t make their market debut as pioneers.

Example of Second Mover Companies

Being the first mover isn’t the only path to success for companies. Some of the most successful and wealthy corporations in the world were not the pioneers of their industries.

Consider the following examples of second mover companies:

Although we can’t imagine a world without Google today, it wasn’t the first search engine to land on our screens. Before Google, there were Yahoo! and AltaVista. However, Google’s innovative search algorithms and tools, including Google Maps, have become so ubiquitous that the brand has become a household name and a synonym for search.

Facebook and Instagram arrived on the scene after other social media sites like MySpace and Google Plus. However, they quickly became the go-to platforms for socializing online. Facebook, in particular, has become a ubiquitous part of modern life, with a whopping 36.8% of the world’s population using the site.

Spotify entered the on-demand music streaming market after pioneers like Pandora. However, Spotify’s user-friendly interface and advanced technology have propelled it to the top of the market, with an estimated 85% of the world’s on-demand music streaming market under its control.

Skills You Acquire When Being Part of a First-mover Company

When working for a pioneering company, you gain a unique set of skills.

Before crafting your resume, it’s essential to identify your skill set. Being a part of a company that has achieved a first-mover advantage can provide you with a diverse range of skills to showcase.

Your list of skills should comprise a blend of hard and soft skills. Working for a first-mover company enables you to display proficiency in both.

Hard skills are those you’ve learned through education and experience, whereas soft skills are inherent qualities that make you excel in your role.

Hard Skills Gained From Being Part of a First Mover Company

Regardless of your job title- be it a leader, creative professional, or a marketing specialist – if you have experience bringing innovative ideas to market, you have developed a set of hard skills that are highly sought after.

These may comprise:

  • Thorough market research
  • Effective data analysis
  • Proficient project management
  • Advanced technology proficiency
  • Adept people management

These quantifiable abilities can be honed and enhanced, demonstrating to potential employers that you possess the know-how to achieve objectives.

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Soft Skills Used in Acquiring First Mover Advantage

In today’s dynamic job market, possessing soft skills can be just as vital, if not more critical, than hard skills.

The underlying concept is that hard skills can be taught and learned, whereas soft skills are innate and more challenging to develop. 

Soft skills encompass a wide range of attributes that contribute to personal and professional success. Among the essential soft skills are:

  • Effective decision-making
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Proficient communication
  • Effective time management
  • Growth mindset

Mastering these skills can give you the edge needed to secure the first-mover advantage and excel in your career.

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