Is Canva Good for Resumes?

In today’s modern world where job seekers are key driven with the aim of securing a job at all cost, it’s so interesting as everyone wants their resume to look nice but the limitation here is that not all are graphic designers that’s why a lot of prospective job seekers will try to find a “hack” to create a more visually appealing resume to enable them stand out from the crowd.

The hack here is Canva, a versatile design tool which is free and easy to use. it also allows one to create social media graphics, presentations and resumes without any graphic design know-how.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? We are going to find out if Canva is good for resume as we proceed;

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform. It is used to create business cards, logos, social media graphics, posters, presentations, and, of course, resumes.

Canva is an online graphic design that offers templates, layouts, photo filters, millions of images, and hundreds of fonts as well as icons and shapes. The basic service is always free.

Are Canva Resume Good?

Canva as the name implies may have its attractive sides like finding it easy and free to use, and the templates appearing pretty sharp. In terms of job search using Canva to create resume may be appealing but not always effective. Here are the reasons limiting the design tool (Canva)

1. Canva Resumes Do Not Pass Applicant Tracking systems

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are used by human resource and recruitment agencies to perform the initial screening of your resume.

Is Canva Good for Resumes

As many companies now employ an automated system known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to collect, sort, scan and rank resume based on certain programmed elements, it makes it difficult as it has altered the previous system as humans no longer have access to view resume from the start.

There are several ways you can use to achieve the resume bots, and a lot of these strategies focus on the design of your resume. For example, with the resume bots, it’s important to use a clean resume design. This means that there will be no unusual formats as applicant tracking system have a difficult time reading through. Use of any images or charts often become a mess in the ATS.

Our goal is to get past these applicant tracking systems and into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers. Even the concerned employers reading your resume are more concerned with your skills and experiences not just the design of your resume.

The ATS remains a limitation as Canva is no match for it no matter the interesting and unique designs it offers because they are designed with headshots, icons, various fonts and other graphic elements.

2. Canva Resume Are Only One Page

Resume that is more than a single page were not acceptable back then even with many years of experience but as times passed recruiters, hiring managers and HR managers don’t mind resume that is more than one page.

Research has proven that ResumeGo found that recruiters are 2.3 times more likely to prefer two-page resume over a one-page resume regardless of an applicant’s job level. Why is because young professionals today tend to have a lot more valuable experiences, even when they’re fresh out of, co-ops, freelance work, study abroad experiences, etc.

Furthermore, another limitation to Canva as a design tool is that as you check out the resume templates, you will observe how they follow one common trend as they are all built for one page and difficult to edit into two pages. it’s easy to duplicate the first page of the resume but that duplicates every section on the first page which isn’t necessary.

3. Canva Resumes Leave Out Valuable Information

Another reason why Canva resume is not acceptable is because it leaves out valuable information about you such that when you take a quick glance at Canva resume templates, you will probably discover a few designs that looks clean and sharp.

Here, the design creator certainly understands how to make a simple template and utilize space but, in your observation, you will notice that not all your listed experiences is entered. You will also find there are quite a few missing sections.

“Grey and black professional resume” is always appealing but upon closer evaluation, you will see that there’s little or no room to pen down your job experiences. A chunk of space on your resume will be reserved for contact information, it can only be just one line at the top of your resume, under your name no matter the credibility of the information.

Important missing sections from some of these templates include achievement, awards, career summary and key skill section.

4. Should I Ever use Canva resume?

Canva resume template should be written off because in reality people may not consider it good enough because it’s not right as it won’t pass application tracking system (ATS). It will only be a one-page resume without having your full qualifications, skills, achievements and work experiences that can land you that dream job in an effective way.

In many cases, you will feel so unlucky as your creative resume design will work against you if you do wish to display off your appealing design along with other interesting skills. Canva is limited here and not really a good choice as it won’t land you that job in a meritable way.


Canva resume may be free, easy to use, it may even be tempting too but same Canva may be harming your search for jobs than helping to secure same job. It’s better to work with a skilled resume writer who knows the nitty-gritty of your resume as the main goal remains passing the application tracking system ATS which Canva can’t achieve.

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