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The Art of Rewording: Enhancing Your Resume For More Interview Invitations

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Resumes are usually the second point of contact between you and a potential employer after you see their job listing. This document makes the first impression on the potential employer.

As such it is very important that this document be pristine and impeccable. In this article, we will teach you how to do that with the help of rewording–a paraphrasing technique.

How to Reword Your Resume For More Interviews

Here is how you can use rewording to enhance your resume.

1. Use Keywords in the Resume

Nowadays nobody checks resumes manually. They use “Applicant Tracking Software” that can automatically check resumes and see whether they qualify for the job or not.

The kicker is that these software’s are not very advanced. They use the really simple trick of checking for keywords.

As long as you have used the keywords from the job listing, your resume will pass the first check. So, here is how you can use rewording to make your resume likelier to succeed.

  • Reword the skills section of your resume and incorporate keywords in it.
  • Do the same with work experience and education.

Make sure not to reword the keywords and only their surroundings. This will help you get past the biggest filter.

The most important keywords in the job listing are the ones in the “Required skills” section and the “Job responsibilities” section. You must absolutely use keywords from these two sections.

2. Use Action Verbs in Your Resume

Your resume should tell your potential employer that you are a person of action. That you can do the tasks that are asked of you. People tend to say stuff like “increased revenue generated by running a successful marketing campaign”.

But what they should write is “increased sales by 20% by running a successful multifaceted marketing strategy”. Then they can go on and tell the particulars of the campaign i.e. they did content marketing, email marketing, etc.

What this does is that it provides the human reviewer with a sense of action and initiative. It tells them that you are a motivated worker who takes initiative in doing the right thing. Employers are always looking for motivated workers.

When you can show them this in your resume your chances of getting an interview will skyrocket.

You can easily add action verbs in your resume by using a reworder. A reworder is a tool that can paraphrase any given text in multiple ways.

More often than not such a tool has some mode that adds action verbs and reduces passive voice from the text. If you paraphrase your resume with a reworder, it will boost its performance.

3. Always Reword Your Resume to Tailor it for a Specific Job

The issue with most job seekers is that they create a CV and then use it for applying to all jobs. They do not take the time to tailor them to the specific job.

As you know by now, using job-specific keywords is key to getting an interview, and that is only possible if you customize your resume.

So, by using your epic rewording skills, you can modify your resume to meet the job seeker’s requirements. To help achieve this, you can highlight specific skills and accomplishments of yours that would attract the employer’s attention by using keywords that appear in the respective job description.

In addition, edit out all irrelevant details from your CV that do not meet the job description, such as experiences irrelevant to that job.

Also, make sure to change your work history and education section so that it aligns with what the employer is looking for.

This will help your CV stand out amongst other potential ones and hence, increase your chances of landing the job. You should understand that we are not telling you to create a new CV from scratch. We are just telling you to reword the old one.

4. Reword Your Resume for Clarity and Conciseness

Resumes need to be really concise. Nobody has time to read long resumes. As a general rule of thumb, your resume should only be one page long if you are inexperienced and two pages long if you are really experienced.

So, if you wrote your resume in a detailed manner, chances are it turned out too long. Here you can use some rewording techniques to cut the length down and make it more palatable. You can do that in a number of ways such as:

  • Removing stuff that is irrelevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Using powerful words that encompass a larger meaning instead of simple phrases
  • Substituting longer sentences for shorter ones.
  • Adding a clear call to action to invite your potential employer to contact you.

This can all be achieved through paraphrasing. You can even use some tools like a reworder. We mentioned this previously as well.

The point is that you do not have to worry even if you don’t have stellar writing skills. You can still reach a similar level with the help of AI tools.


So, there you have it, how to enhance your resume through rewording techniques. These four ways will ensure that your resume is better and land you an interview. The rest of the course is up to your speaking skills and luck.

Just remember, don’t lose heart if you fail to get an interview, it is because the job market is not looking too bright these days. However, with persistence, you will get a good job in the end. For more informative content visit our blog.


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