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Tips On Finding a Remote Job During a Recession

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As a developer, finding a job during a recession is quite difficult compared to normal times. This is because, during the recession, there are usually fewer job openings with the same competition, leading to fewer chances of getting selected and hired.

But you should never give up and always try applying for remote jobs. And to help you out with this situation, we are going to explain some useful tips. You can consider these tips to secure a remote job as a developer.

The Best Tips for Finding a Remote Developer Job

Below are some of the best and most useful tips for finding a remote job as a developer.

Choose the Right Platform

Obviously, in order to find a remote job, you first have to find a preferable recruitment platform through which you can apply for the job post. Such jobs are either posted by individuals or organizations. 

However, the problem is that there are a bunch of different recruitment platforms online, and competition on them is extremely high. So, it is essential to look for the right one. 

To help you out, we’re listing some of the best platforms where you can do job hunting as a developer.

Best Recruitment Platforms

Here are some of the best recruitment platforms where developers can easily find remote jobs during the recession.  

LinkedIn – It is a very popular platform that can be used both for socializing and job-hunting. Individuals and organizations post jobs on LinkedIn so they can hire the best talent. To demonstrate, here’s a screenshot showing a couple of job listings.

Indeed – Another popular recruitment platform where anyone can find remote jobs regarding their skills. Moreover, if you want to find a remote job in other countries, Indeed can help you with that, too. You can see a job how it works in the screenshot below.

CareerBuilder – One of the most trusted job-hunting platforms is CareerBuilder. However, this platform only works in specific countries like Canada, Germany, Sweden, and the United States (US). That said, we’re adding its screenshot below too.

SimplyHired – This isn’t just a job-hunting platform; it’s like a search engine where developers can find remote jobs from all around the globe. Thousands of recruiters post jobs on SimplyHired. You can use this to your advantage and apply to multiple jobs at once. You can see some of the jo listings in the image below.

With the right platform selected, you can start working on the CV that you’re supposed to send to the employer. This is going to be our next tip.

Work on Your CV 

Whether you are applying for a remote or an office-based job, a CV (or Resume) is used to judge your competence and experience. A CV is a detailed document that highlights your academic, professional, and personal history. If made correctly, it can help you land your desired job. 

A CV is similar to a proposal. If it is well-crafted and in a professional format, there is a good chance the recruiter will move forward for an interview call.

Here’s how you can enhance your CV so you can land the job you need.

Ways to Make Your Resume Distinctive

Here are some of the ways you can make your CV appealing to the employer.

  • Use a professional tone: Using a professional tone in your CV can make a good impression on the employer. But since you’re a developer, it might be tricky for you to follow a professional tone throughout your resume. In such a scenario, using a paraphrase tool could be an ideal choice. Tools like these are equipped with multiple modes that can attain whatever tone you want in the given text.

  • Properly format your past experiences: If you are including your past experiences in your CV, then you must format it in bullet points. A simple paragraph looks terrible, but when you use bullet points, it will look more pleasing.
  • Follow a Proper Structure: A structured resume usually gets more appreciation than one that just contains text. It also helps the employer go through your resume quickly. For example, if they only want to review your education and qualifications, you can make a dedicated section for them in your CV so they can get to it easily.

Keep Your Profile Up-to-date

If you want to get noticed by Human Resource Managers (HRs), it is important to keep your profile up to date. For instance, LinkedIn allows employers to go through potential candidates for their job listings. They would like to know what you’re currently doing and what your past experiences are. Here are some of the things that you can review and update in your profile if needed. 

Things You Must Update in Your Profile:

Employers usually take a look at the following things when they visit your profile. You can start by updating them.

  • Working experience
  • Portfolio
  • Unique skills

Once these things are updated, you can review your bio and update it too since employers like it when the candidate has provided an introduction for themselves in their profile. With this out of the way, let us move on to the next tip.

Try to Stay Online

If you think you’re the only one looking for a job remotely in the recession period, you are wrong. Since the recession is going on in probably the whole country, chances are that other people with similar professions are also trying to hunt jobs remotely.

In this case, a useful tip is to stay online for longer on the recruitment platforms (LinkedIn, Indeed, iCIMS). This will increase your online visibility and there are more chances that recruiters will notice you. You don’t have to stay online 24/7. Doing it multiple times a day is fine too.

Final Words 

In short, landing a remote developer job during a recession is tough, but not impossible. Choose the right platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed, craft a professional resume with your skills and experience, keep your profile updated, and stay active online to grab recruiters’ attention. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of securing your dream remote developer job even in challenging times.


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