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Best Office Manager Job Description

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Who Are Office Managers?

An office manager is a professional who executes administrative functions of a company or an organization.

This individual may be referred to as an administrative service manager or business office manager.

In simple term; a person who is in charge of running an office.

Part of the office manager job description include ensuring that the company’s or organization’s support staff are running properly and seamlessly.

What Does An Office Manager Do?

Office managers are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the office.

Office managers job description ranges from running an office including allocating physical resources such as supplies and office space, as well as scheduling internal events.

Office managers oversee operational staff such as administrative personnel, technicians, and accountants.

They are expected to organize and coordinate administrative roles and office procedures.

An Office Manager role is to create and maintain a conducive work environment aiming at high levels of organizational effectiveness, safety and effective communication.

Below is an infographic to explain further the job description of an office manager sourced from MBN market business news

What Makes A Good Office Manager?

An office manager is said to be good when he is more than just an efficient assistant.

It is important for an office manager to possess sound judgement, strong communication and problem-solving skills.

In most cases, because of the nature of their job, office managers are seen as leaders with enough patience to handle all aspects of their job.

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Who Does An Office Manager Work With?

As a result of their good team spirit, Office Managers find it easy to relate with colleagues handling other job roles such as Administrative Assistants, Office Assistants, HR Assistants and Receptionists.

Business owners, directors and departmental heads generally receive reports from these dynamic office managers.

Office Manager Job Description

An office manager is highly experienced in the area of organizing, coordinating office administration and the procedures involved in order to guarantee company’s effectiveness, efficiency as well as safety.

Though the office manager is responsible for nurturing intra-office communication protocols, task delegation, office staff supervision, streamlining of administrative procedures and inventory control, a successful office manager is an enthusiastic professional who wouldn’t mind managing multiple offices under him or her.

Office managers are able to coordinate a wider range of administrative duties and executive support related tasks working single handedly with little or no supervision.

In fact, they are known to be well organized, flexible and stay motivated in facing administrative challenges of supporting an office with various people.

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Office Manager Responsibilities (General)

  • Go-to professional for maintenance, mailing, shipping, supplies, equipment, bills, and errands
  • Organize and schedule meetings and appointments
  • Partner with HR to maintain office policies as necessary
  • Organize office operations and procedures
  • Coordinate with IT department on all office equipment
  • Manage relationships with vendors, service providers, and landlord, ensuring that all items are invoiced and paid on time
  • Manage contract and price negotiations with office vendors, service providers, and office lease
  • Provide general support to visitors
  • Responsible for creating PowerPoint slides and making presentations
  • Manage executives’ schedules, calendars, and appointments
  • Responsible for managing office services by ensuring office operations and procedures are organized, correspondences are controlled, filing systems are designed, supply requisitions are reviewed and approved, and that clerical functions are properly assigned and monitored
  • Establish a historical reference for the office by outlining procedures for protection, retention, record disposal, retrieval, and staff transfers
  • Ensure office efficiency is maintained by carrying out planning and execution of equipment procurement, layouts, and office systems
  • Responsible for developing and implementing office policies by setting up procedures and standards to guide the operation of the office
  • Ensure that results are measured against standards, while making necessary changes along the way
  • Allocate tasks and assignments to subordinates and monitor their performance
  • Assign and monitor clerical, administrative, and secretarial responsibilities and tasks among office staff
  • Perform review and analysis of special projects and keep the management properly informed
  • Determine current trends and provide a review to management to act on
  • Responsible for recruiting staff for the office and providing orientation and training to new employees
  • Ensure top performance of office staff by providing them adequate coaching and guidance
  • Remain updated on technical and professional knowledge by attending educational workshops, joining professional associations, building networks with fellow professionals, and reviewing of industry publications
  • Responsible for ensuring office financial objectives are met by preparing annual budget for the office, planning the expenditures, analyzing variances, and carrying out necessary corrections that may arise
  • Participate actively in the planning and execution of company events
  • Responsible for developing standards and promoting activities that enhance operational procedures
  • Allocate available resources to enable successful task performance
  • Coordinate office staff activities to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Evaluate and manage staff performance
  • Recruit and select office staff
  • Organize orientation and training of new staff members
  • Coach, mentor, and discipline office staff
  • Design and implement filing systems
  • Ensure filing systems are maintained and current
  • Establish and monitor procedures for record-keeping
  • Ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of data
  • Design and implement office policies and procedures
  • Oversee adherence to office policies and procedures
  • Analyze and monitor internal processes
  • Implement procedural and policy changes to improve operational efficiency
  • Prepare operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency
  • Coordinate schedules, appointments, and bookings
  • Monitor and maintain office supplies inventory
  • Review and approve office supply acquisitions
  • Handle customer inquiries and complaints
  • Manage internal staff relations
  • Maintain a safe, secure, and pleasant work environment

Office Manager Requirements

  • Proven office management, administrative, or assistant experience
  • Knowledge of office management responsibilities, systems, and procedures
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work
  • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of accounting, data, and administrative management practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of clerical practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of human resources management practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of business and management principles
  • Computer skills and knowledge of office software packages

A well-tailored resume with skills section highlights all your relevant skills for an office manager position.

This will help your resume to match the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is the first move to get your application recognized.

Make use of these office manager job description top skills below to help you effectively create your stellar resume in a brace.

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Office Manager Key Skills & Proficiencies


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