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Should I Reapply for A Job That Was Reposted?

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The question of whether you should reapply for a job that was reposted can be best answered by you the applicant.

In some cases it’s advisable you do while in other cases you shouldn’t.

We would be discussing what to consider before you choose your answer.

The thought of reapplying for a reposted job that you already submitted your CV can be overwhelming. However, there are many reasons why a job is reposted.

For instance:

-The candidate who was offered the job declined the application

-The company was unable to find the right candidate at that given time

-The requirement for that position has changed therefore the job needs to be reposted to mirror those changes

Whichever might be the reason, it shouldn’t be a dilemma to you as it’s the company’s sole choice.

There is absolutely no harm in reapplying.

This gives you an opportunity to make corrections to your resume, cover letter, and also address the role and job description in a better light.

Why are roles reposted?

1. The previous applicants were deemed not suitable for the role

The popular and well-known reason why vacancies gets reposted is due to the fact that the hiring manager did not get abundant applications from qualified candidates the first time the role was posted.

Should I Reapply for A Job That Was Reposted

Yes, you were tagged not qualified that was why the role has been relisted, so have yourself reexamined for errors.

Painfully, qualified applicants are often removed and shunned from the candidate list early due to the fact they either did not have an ATS-compatible resume or because they have a bad formatted resume that just wasn’t good enough.

2. The job requirements changed

When the hiring manager began screening for potential candidates, he might have realized that the advert needed to be adjusted for a better and more accurate reflection of the job requirements.

Therefore, he probably wants to highlight the manager’s expectations for the candidates who accepts the role.

This is a valid reason why most jobs are reposted.

Remember, before you decide to reapply for a job that was reposted, take a closer look at the advert to determine if anything from the original job description has been added, removed or replaced.

3. Job offer was repulsed by an eligible candidate

This scenario rarely happens, but it does happen.

In rare cases an employer extends a job offer to an applicant, only to have the applicant refuse the offer or change their mind at the very last moment.

In situation like this if there wasn’t a suitable replacement in the previous list of candidates that applied, then the job vacancy is likely to get reposted and the search for the right candidate begins from the start.

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When Should I Reapply?

1. When you gained more experience prior to that which you applied with 

If you have taken responsibility to upgrade yourself academically or developed a new skill set required for that role, then you should update your resume to highlight these new qualifications and reapply for the job.

You didn’t land the job with your previous skills or qualification but if you upgrade your job search documents, there is a higher chance you will be considered.

2. When you get your resume rewritten by a professional

After using the service of a professional resume-writer to rewrite your resume or CV, you can reapply for a reposted job.

Writing a convincing resume is an art and you need a talented artist to get the best.

It’s unrealistic to expect your resume to rank well in the competitive job market if not professionally written.

Chances are, your previous resume never made it past the ATS or it failed the six-second resume test.

Give your new professionally written resume a go at the job again!

When Not to Apply

1. Not meeting the job requirement

It’s a total waste of your precious time and that of the company if you reapply when you haven’t met the job requirements.

Its an unproductive use of faith and patience to reapply for a reposted role with same resume that doesn’t meet the job requirements.

It’s clearly written in the action that you weren’t suitable for the role at first and you won’t be suitable now.

it’s not rocket science or a game of spin the wheel.

If you have not worked really hard to change your status, to gain some more experience or qualifications then the outcome would be same as the latter.

Remember you can’t use same method to get a different result.

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2. When evidential changes haven’t been made

Sometimes, you might be up to standard for a role but lack the expertise to highlight your quality powerfully enough to convince the employer to employ you.

This may be due to unforeseen mistakes you have made while writing your resume or cover letter.

Should I Reapply for A Job That Was Reposted

Mistakes like this are avoidable and can be corrected immediately by a professional resume writing service.

Sometimes the reason why people don’t get a role can be attributed to a poorly written resume or your previous resume was not ATS compatible.

According to research, 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies focus on ATS software to help shuffle and vet their incoming applications.

If your previous resume wasn’t designed with this digital gatekeeper in mind, there’s a good chance your application never made it to the HM desk for review.

In cases like this, do not reapply for the job.

3. Been rejected at an interview

If you made it to the previous hiring manager’s desk and was rejected after an interview, trying again is relatively pointless as you probably lack some attribute which has nothing to do with your degree or resume presentation.

Sometimes employer seek for physical attribute or personal trait.

If your employer seeks these and reject you because you don’t possess what he is looking for, going in again 98% of the time gives you same outcome.

This is your clue to move on and get ready for that next job vacancy.

Always remember to learn from every interview to better yourself for the next.

Resume Tips to Help Reapply for A Role Reposted

1. Add more referrals

You’re 90% more likely to get the job when your resume features an employee referral.

Make an intensive search on your LinkedIn network and check if you can come across a familiar applicant who currently or previously worked at the company.

If you see familiar, reach out and ask if they can provide you with tips on the company’s processes of hiring.

Better still, ask them if they are willing to help get your resume to the hiring manager or if they will allow you to include their name on your application.

2. Adjust the resume and cover letter

There is no use in reapplying for a role if you don’t take your time to fashion your application to perfectly suit the role you’re relisting for.

If you are not a professional resume writer then get one to do the job.

3. Reapply with ATS in mind

If the company uses an applicant tracking system to manage and organize its online applications, then check if it has an option to replace your previous resume with the new one.

If it doesn’t, you should use a different email from the one you used initially to submit your application to avoid creating a duplicate record in the system.

4. Proofread before having a go again

Don’t let silly mistake ruin your chances of getting that interview.

Review your resume for typo error and common resume mistakes.

Is your resume ready for your next application (or reapplication)? Find out using the service of our professional resume writing specialists at CEOMichaelHR.

In summary, we clearly understand that many factors come in play when thinking of reapplying for a reposted job.

We believe this article have tackled every possible reason why a job is been reposted and have fed you with enough knowledge on whether you should reapply for that role or move on to the next job vacancy without any doubt or regret whatsoever.

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