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‘Responsible’ Synonym for Your Resume

As seen in:

The phrase ‘Responsible for’ can hurt your resume.

To ensure your resume is written in active language, you must avoid phrases like “responsible for.”

Seat back because, in this article, you’ll learn ways to use more impactful words and best synonyms instead of ‘Responsible For’.

Many years ago, I was given great advice: “speak to yourself the way you’d speak to your friend” when practicing better self-talk.

In the same light, remember this can also be useful: “speak about yourself the way you’d speak about your friend.”

How would you promote your friend to your supervisor when they apply for a role at your company?

I’m certain you wouldn’t say something like: “Jim is responsible for selling footwear fitting” because it sounds too generic and undermines Jim’s impact.

Instead, you’ll want to say, “Jim slashed rejection rate by 15% through the implementation of excellent footwear fitting and quality control guidelines.”

Now, let’s see how you can promote yourself this way on your resume.

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Tailor Achievements Not Responsibilities

On several occasions when I work on my client’s resume projects, I find out a lot of them struggle to highlight their accomplishments on their resume.

They, instead, highlight their everyday responsibilities on their resumes.

Some give reasons that being in their roles for so long makes their workday activities feel mundane.

Others say, “You know, I thought that was important, but it’s nice to have someone else tell me this is worth showcasing.”

While the above reasons may sound genuine, here is precisely why you should avoid the phrase “responsible for” on your resume:

-It doesn’t allow for being focused

-It is dull and overused

Potential recruiters will skip experience descriptions attached to this phrase because it has less impact with no actionable insight.

The tips below will help you do away with “responsible for” and improve your resume’s impact! 

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Delete “Responsible” Synonym From Your Resume

Always begin bullet points in your resume Work Experience section with a strong, active verb.

When you use these action verbs, your resume won’t only read impactful to the reader but will read fun and also hone the focus on your achievements.

When you use an active verb, it allows you the chance to effectively describe specifically what you accomplished in your role using metrics.

This measure will help you to stand out from the crowd and ensure your experience is not dull.

Consider the following alternative words to include on your resume instead of “responsible for”:




Executed” tells your potential recruiter that you led these projects and saw them through to completion.

Using this action word demonstrates your leadership, initiative, and integration skills.

Participated” is a strong, active verb considering many jobs require teams to work cross-functionally.

While independently handling a task is great, it’s even awesome when you participate with multiple stakeholders because it takes communication, alignment, and teamwork.

Examined” as opposed to wasting space on your resume with an opening like “Responsible for examining patients,” it’s better to jump into the action you performed and its outcome immediately.

Besides, for candidates with 10 years or less of experience, it’s best practice to keep their resumes on one page.

Now that you know the importance of using action verbs, let’s see how you can use them in your experience descriptions. 

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Merge Active Verbs With Accomplishments

Note that I chose actual achievements from my past clients’ resumes using the above verbs while censoring any information tailored to them or their companies.

Executed pallet program at Sam’s Club resulting in 4800 sales.

Participated in the successful achievement of the highest’ Cases on Display’ growth by 22%.

Examined the issuance of gift cards and resolved duplication issues, saving the company $15K

Using the formula: Active Verb + Contribution and Skills Used + Result/Metrics, you’ll ensure a focused and impactful experience description bullet points. 

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Avoid Too Much Repeatition Of Active Verbs

It can be tempting to use the same active verbs over and over, considering a manager or an executive with substantial experience to discuss.

A manager writing his experience description may unconsciously repeat and start every bullet point with the “manage” word.

Formatting your experience the right way takes dedicated effort and time but can determine your candidacy for the role you’re targeting.

Are you unsure of alternative synonyms you can use instead of “Responsible for?”

Find below a list of commonly repeated words I find on resumes: 

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Synonyms for Managed

  • Directed
  • Oversaw
  • Led
  • Administered

Synonyms for Increased

  • Boosted
  • Enhanced
  • Improved
  • Skyrocketed

Synonyms for Developed

  • Generated
  • Established
  • Designed
  • Built

Conclusion- “Responsible For” On Resume

If you intentionally want to say you bore a burden, instead of using the phrase “responsible for,” it is essential to consider using an action verb.

Remember that your resume is your biggest opportunity to brag about your career accomplishments.

Don’t sell yourself short using the synonym “Responsible for!”

You deserve to be recognized for “Launching a well-recognized brand in the candle industry, which led to an increase in market share by 15% in 18 months.”

Your potential recruiters are happy to celebrate these achievements with you! 

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