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New clients, unlock 10% off all plans 🔥 at checkout with code: CEO10SPECIAL (Limited Time Offer)

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Resume Writer In Austin TX?

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Before we dive into how much it costs to hire a resume writer in Austin, TX, let’s take a closer look at the brief history of this great city.

Austin is the eleventh largest city and the third largest capital in the United States of America.

It might interest you that Austin is the capital of Texas, with a leading population of over 885,000. It is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, amassing a three percent (3%) population growth rate.

As a fast-growing city, Austin has many opportunities to explore and exciting places to visit. 

Examples of attractive places in Austin are Ziller Park, Blanton Museum of Art, Mount Bonnell, and Lady Bird Lake.

Austin has conducive warm weather and over fifty (50) public swimming pools, with Baton spring pool as the largest in the urban area and Deep Eddy Pool on the other hand as the oldest man-made pool in Texas.

Austin is a unique zone for college graduates due to its affordable homes, shopping centers, and abundance of museums.

The city provides extensive job opportunities to graduate with computer sciences and engineering degrees from the University of Texas to take charge of Austin’s technology industries.

This makes Austin a major center for high technology.

According to Forbes, the Austin metropolitan area was ranked the top for jobs in 2012 among all big cities due to its rapid growth.

In Austin, TX, Executive and Professional resume writing services are open to willing job seekers to make choices.

Executive resume writing service; take into account years of resume writing experience, how many hours they invest into writing a quality resume, your work history, and the credentials of your writer.

The cost of executive resume writing services in Austin ranges between $100-$1,000, depending on the process.

Professional resume writing service; take into account the type of resume written, the experience level of the certified resume writer, the process the resume writing company applies, and the expertise of the professional writers.

For a professional resume writing service in Austin, the cost ranges from $100-$500.

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Creating a quality resume that will attract a potential recruiter’s eye will take a great time, attention to detail, and expertise.

When hiring professional resume writers in Austin, rest assured they are a group of people who have dedicated their careers to helping you craft documents that will ace your job search and career goal.

Executive resume writers can help you create an executive resume and cover letter that will blend your work experience, accomplishments, and industry skills in a great way that attracts the attention of potential recruiting managers.

One exciting part of hiring a certified resume writer is how quickly you begin to see results such as higher resume response rates, revenue increase, and getting invited for more interviews with more offers.

Fortunately, these are the expected results of a great executive/professional written resume

Resume Writing Service Cost & Professional Resume Writer Cost in Austin

If you find making the right impression with your current resume challenging, your best choice of service would be that of a professional resume writer.

However, in the Resume Writing industry, things like “You get what you pay for” are commonly true.

For instance, paying $30-50 for a professional resume service gives you a cookie-cutter template that has likely been used with numerous other people having your same content added to a dressed-up format.

On the other hand, investing $100+ in a professional resume writing service will give you access to a 30-minute or lengthier telephone consultation with a certified writer to learn more about you and your career story.

This will enable the expert to tailor a more personalized document unique to you alone.

You’ll also receive addon services involving revisions and guarantee landing interviews within a specified time frame.

For an executive resume writing service, resume costs can range from $100-$1,000.

If you need a great, polished, and professional or executive resume, just before you place an order, note the following paragraphs:

The time required to land a truly branded resume is usually equal to the cost of the resume writing service.

An executive gunning for a six-figure position must require an executive resume that prepares him well for the role.

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According to CEOMichaelHR resume specialist Susan Mendes, she narrates the resume service investment citing a very rough ballpark way to estimate the payback time for one’s resume and cover letter.

If an average work year, taking into account holidays, weekends, and work leaves, is summed up to 2,000 hours of work (it’s possible to work more than that but using this as an example), you can calculate your hourly rate by dividing your salary by 2,000.

Further, multiply the result by eight (8), and you have your base daily salary.

An executive earning $150,000 earns $75/hour or $600/day. 

A $1,200 resume is recovered from just two days of employment at that earning level.

It does not consider account bonuses, benefits, equity, and other employment packages here. 

Resume Writing Packages & Resume Package Cost in Austin

In Austin, Texas, various resume writing companies offer resume packages which may be an ideal option to obtain a bundle price.

Having in mind that other resume services offer various packages, we at CEOMichaelHR offer four(4) unique resume writing packages;

Job Search Essential package: includes a Resume written by a (CPRW) Specialist, ATS Compliant For HR Systems, Modern design template in PDF and DOCX files

Networking Professional package: includes all the benefits of the job search essential package + an expertly written cover letter and a 60 days interview guarantee

Career Launch Kit package: includes all the benefits of the professional networking package + a LinkedIn profile makeover.

Executive Branding package: includes all the benefits of the career launch kit + personal executive branding to stand you out with a platform that highlights your strengths and achievements, unique domain name, and consultation with our in-house designer as your guide 

Visit our resume writing service page for more information on our affordable pricings.

Our Resume Writing Guarantees Are Worth It

A reputable resume writing service that cares about its image usually offers a guarantee for its work.

A typical example would be a free resume revision or a rewrite, provided you don’t land an interview within the next 60 days.

It’s pretty interesting that some resume writers also offer complimentary job search coaching.

Our 60-Day Interview Guarantee

If in 60 days, the resume guaranteed cannot generate you any interviews, then the resume writer will write you a new resume at no charge.

Our 99% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here, our clients are guaranteed satisfaction or happiness based on their optimized resume, and if they aren’t happy (in rare cases), we’ll do what it takes to ensure their happiness and satisfaction.

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How To Find a Resume Writing Service You Can Trust in Austin TX?

In areas where the services of a certified professional resume writer are highly sought, it’s vital to consider price isn’t the only factor.

It is advisable to review resume samples created by the service provider so you can tell if the quality of their work matches your target.

When the resume samples you are looking at are of poor quality, it’s a good sign to walk away.

You must ascertain for Better Business Bureau rating to read or check out for genuine client reviews and complaints.

Ensure they have an excellent (A or A+) rating. This is one good way to find out the background of a company offering the resume service.

Scrutinize the reviews you read by looking at the third-party review’s website.

Check if the review includes the writer’s name and details about their experience working with the resume writing company.

If yes, it is a genuine review, but if found to be generic, for instance, “I didn’t like working with this company” or “I enjoyed working with this company,” they are not genuine with their review.

Always have these at your fingertips when carrying out your research.

The knowledge of LinkedIn is essential; speaking of research, you have to look at the company’s LinkedIn account.

You can quickly look up to the company’s LinkedIn account if prospective recruiters can also look up to you via LinkedIn.

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You need to know how long they have worked in the company, check out their brand, what they are known for, and their activeness online.

By doing this, you will be certified to judge the character and values of the company.

Please find out more about the values and principles the company builds on by checking out its website and blog.

You need to know if they believe in treating others how they wish to be treated, which is the golden rule.

Also, check if their blogs are helpful and informative, self-promoting, or negative about others in the industry.

Furthermore, before proceeding to place an order on a resume service, ensure to brainstorm on the investment in terms of how long your days of employment would take to cover the price of the executive resume service.

A well-tailored executive resume can truncate your job search by weeks or months and give rise to a substantial boost in income, more than the price of the professional resume service.

Reflect on the long-term value you are getting in terms of time saved, shortened job search, and doubled income.

How you can proactively decide how much you are willing to invest in a resume writing service comes with the question; what is the worth to you?

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Here’s feedback from a client of ours named Charlotte:

Accepting to patronize your services three years ago blindly gave rise to trying three more times again after my initial results as I achieved growth in my career. Each try accounted for an explosive and exponential increase. It was amazing how my earnings advanced from $50k to $175k within three short years. I encountered a 30% increase and a two-level bump. What excellent work as I now run a regional Logistics and Supply Chain network helping to cater for operations in 12 states and $160m excess account value. My skills and personality on paper, revealing my brand to the globe, were portrayed in my resume by my resume writer, James. Recruiting managers who interviewed me saw me as a complete package taking a turn to compliment my resume for being orderly and matching my personality and skill set. I have informed over 50 associates about your affordable resume services “ – Charlotte Lanes

The quality of your resume can go a long way in making prospective employers contact you for an interview.

So, in line with that, you need a resume that will attract the recruiter’s attention.

For more professional resume writing tips, you can contact our professional resume writers to review your resume and discuss your career goals.

We would be happy to work with you. 

You can review our resume writing services here at


One vital point to note is that the lower end of the pricing spectrum will always indicate how you will file out worksheets and questionnaires.

There won’t be any need for a phone call with your resume writer as the resume will be written using a template that includes pre-made language that is not unique to you or your personal brand.

You must consider that any money you invest into resume writing services will automatically reflect the level of service and the quality of the written resume you will receive. 

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