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IT Help Desk Resume Samples & Job Description (2024 Update)

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Are you an IT personnel in need of a sample IT help desk resume? Are you a tech savvy individual who finds it very easy to troubleshoot and explain complicated technical issues? If yes, then you are the most suitable person for the job of a help desk professional.

But wait, while you are suitable for this position, there are tons of other job seekers competing for the same role who are also equipped with the same skills and experience just like you.

So, what sets you apart and single you out from the crowd?

The answer: A winning metric-driven help desk resume.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • An IT help desk resume sample better than 9 out of 10
  • Step-by-step process of crafting a metric-driven help desk resume
  • How to tailor a help desk job description for resumes that drives result
  • Why simply listing help desk skills is vanity, and alternative way to do it
  • Help desk job description & sample help desk resume across different help desk positions

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Help Desk Resume Sample To Boost Your Inspiration

help desk resume samples

Our resume samples are written by certified resume writers, and this is an excellent representation of what recruiters are looking for in a help desk resume.

Reference this example as you create your own help desk resume.

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Help Desk Resume Sample (Text Version)

(240) 498-xxxx 
Silver Spring    

Technically driven Help Desk support professional with an Associate Degree in Computer Networking Technology; Highly detail-oriented with proven record of leveraging superb quality assurance to effectively provide service excellence; Fast and enthusiastic learner, able to operate comfortably and effectively in fast-paced and high-volume work environment; Well-versed with strong proficiency in effectively prioritizing and executing tasks under pressure

> Technically driven
> Customer service excellence
> End-user support
> Collaborative communications
> Adept multitasking
> Call center service support
> Analytically minded
> Complex problem resolution
> Effective time management
> Strategic thinking
> Fast learning aptitude
> Teamwork/independent
> Confidentiality
> Accountability
> Relationship building
> Strong organization
> Continuous development

Professional Experience
IT Tier 1 Help Desk
First Cash Pawnbrokers, Silver Spring, MD | 2016 – 2019

> Provided first call resolution for Windows 7 software and hardware for over 2,000 county employees

> Assisted with server and network outages and deployed broadcast information to users as per the CIO

> Utilized a ticketing BOSS ticketing system to record and track user incidences while relaying information to Tier II staff and Network

> Installed and configured anti-virus software and educated users on cyber security as directed by CIO

Help Desk Analyst
Varela & Sons LLC- Silver Spring, MD | 2008 – 2016

> Managed It personal within the IT Department and also met the clients’ needs

> Assisted with assigning IP Addresses and re-imaging PCs, Laptops, and all other types of equipment

> Configured and set up workstations and laptops in accordance with the company’s policy

> Maintained Active Directory, created and deleted user accounts, and assigned different rights to users and groups within Windows 7 

Associate Degree of Computer Networking Technology | Aug. 2017
Brightwood College, Beltsville, MD

Technical Skills
MS Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access)


Step-By-Step Process Of Crafting A Winning Help Desk Resume

1. Correctly Format Your IT Help Desk Resume

With the fierce competition in the help desk industry where most job openings receive over 200+ applications just to hire one individual, your resume have to distinctively stand out to give you a fair chance of landing an interview.

Your first step to creating an outstanding and job-winning IT help desk resume is choosing the right resume format.

We recommend using the reverse-chronological format as most hiring managers prefers this.

Follow the guide below to correctly set up your reverse-chronological help desk resume format:

  • Use 1-inch margins and leave enough white space
  • Choose 10-12pt resume font size and Calibri or Gill Sans MT for the front style
  • Create resume sections for Contacts, Profile/Summary, Highlights/Competencies, Technical Skills, Work experience, Education and Others such as Languages, Volunteerism (industry related), Interests/ hobbies etc.
  • Ensure to maintain the 1-2 pager resume length. Never exceed 2 pages.
  • Save the finished resume in PDF to always keep its original formatting

2. Furnish an Outstanding IT Help Desk Resume Profile Summary/Objective

Your IT help desk resume profile summary is a key feature of your resume that allows recruiters have a quick overview of what your whole resume is about without wasting their time.

You’ll have a more efficient result if you compose this section in the end because that way it will be easier for you to decide which points to skip and which points to mention.

It is highly recommended you tailor an IT help desk resume summary only if you have over 3+ years of work experience to highlight on your resume.

Ensure to keep this section short and precise and written in 3-5 lines with industry keywords.

You can curate a list of these keywords by simply scanning through the job description.

Attached below is an IT help desk resume sample demonstrating an ideal resume summary:

help desk resume sample

In the meanwhile, make resume-writing an effortless affair by hiring one of our certified resume specialists now!

IT Help Desk Resume Objective

We recommend tailoring an IT help desk resume objective if you are shooting for entry-level positions or have less than 3 years’ work experience to highlight on your resume.

This gives an overview of your resume same way as an IT help desk resume summary.

The key difference is that you need to keep professional experience on the sideline and focus on your skills, describing how you can contribute towards the goals of an organization.

Seeking a Help Desk position with a customer centric technology company where I can make the best use of my problem-solving, customer-service and communication skills, along with my strong dedication and passion for identifying, researching and resolving technical issues to provide support to end users while facilitating organizational growth

3. Craft an Outstanding IT Help Desk Resume Work Experience Section

You must make the best use of your professional experience section since it practically takes up the most of your resume.

Ensure to demonstrate in detail each relevant work experience or your current job title to enable recruiters easily recognize your professional expertise and improve your chances of landing an interview.

Follow the guide below to ensure you craft an impressive and outstanding professional experience:

  • CAR Format
  • Frame Points

CAR Format

Use the CAR format to describe your work experience for the recruiters to easily recognize your potential:

CAR refers to:

C: The Challenges, backdrop, or context of your contributions

A: The Action you took to resolve the challenge

R: The Result or outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure

Frame Points

Wondering what an employer would look for in an IT help desk resume experience section?

Well, the answer is simple!

They go after applicants who are qualified to handle the overarching responsibilities of an IT help desk.

Your professional experience should be written in very simple, clear and easy to understand way.

Let us examine the two IT help desk resume examples we have given below for to explain our point a bit further.

IT Help Desk Resume Example 1

“While working as an IT help desk for the Lugas company I was tasked the responsibility of overseeing 7 help desk staff members who were given task to remotely assist the customers and clients, through e-mail or phone. I was instrumental in the process of scheduling meetings, hiring, and providing evaluations of the employees. Through my dedication, I have successfully executed the full configuration of 200+ personal computers for two different departments by repairing and upgrading. Furthermore, I did periodic hardware or software checks to ensure that they were properly functioning, leading to improving the quality of work by 25%.”

IT Help Desk Resume Example 2

  • Oversaw 7 help desk staff members who were given task to remotely assist the customers and clients, through e-mail or phone
  • Played a key role in the process of scheduling, hiring, and providing evaluations of employees
  • Executed the full configuration of 200+ PCs for two departments by repairing and upgrading
  • Performed periodic hardware/software checks to ensure the proper functioning, leading to a 15% improvement in work quality

As you can see from the two IT help desk resume examples illustrated above, we would observe that:

Your expertise and potential do not shine out by writing a long paragraph of text describing your professional roles & responsibilities as an IT help desk.

Recruiters would find it difficult to zero in on your skills at a glance and most recruiters may not spend enough time going through the whole paragraph.

However, framing one-liner bullet points are easier to read and hence the recruiters would easily identify the positive impact you had on your work.

Conclusively, you can tailor ATS-friendly resumes by using bullet points to frame one-liners and communicate your professional caliber to the recruiters.

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4. Use IT Help Desk Resume Keywords

Do you wish that your IT help desk entry level resume ranks high on the ATS?

Yes? Then you need to keyword-optimize your resume.

You can find easily relevant keywords from the IT help desk job description.

Ensure to compare the keywords included by the recruiters in the job description and your resume before you start sending it out.

Select the most relevant keywords that highlight your professional skills and list them on your professional experience section and skills section.

Also, don’t forget to add relevant keywords in your IT help desk resume summary and IT help desk resume highlight sections.

Furnishing relevant keywords on your help desk resume can significantly improve your chances of ranking high on the ATS which ultimately gives you better opportunity to be recognized by the recruiters who can land you an interview.

Help desk resume skills

help desk resume samples

5. Craft a Strong IT Help Desk Resume Education Section

Furnishing your education on your IT help desk resume will greatly improve your credibility.

Don’t just list your degree.

Ensure to add a couple of accomplishments that show you weren’t just playing beer pong.

You can include lists of relevant coursework or projects on your IT help desk resume.

Furthermore, you can include your academic awards, school clubs or groups.

How about GPA on a resume for IT help desk jobs? Got a 3.8 or higher, go ahead and list it. Otherwise, take it down.

6. Boost Your IT Help Desk Resume by Adding “Other” Sections

Prove to your potential recruiter you’ve done more with your skills than merely going to school to get a job.

Go ahead and list your licenses and certifications like a CompTIA A+ certification or ITIL.

How about conferences you’ve attended?

Publications on tech subjects you’ve written?

Featuring these can aid your process of landing the job.

Not to forget adding volunteerism and languages to show you’ve got extra bandwidth.

Quick Tip
Write a cover letter for your resume for help desk jobs. Do you find it difficult to talk about yourself? Simply focus on the job and why you’ll be a great fit.

Triple your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Our cover letter experts can make your application documents pop and make you shine out to recruiters.

Help Desk Job Description & Sample Help Desk Resume Across Different Help Desk Positions

Help Desk Specialist Job Description

An IT Help Desk Specialist is a professional who provides technical support and assistance to customers, whether on the phone or in person.

Their primary intention is to ensure a client’s satisfaction and ability to properly operate any machinery or technology they may be having trouble with.

Job overview

We are looking for a competent Help desk specialist to provide fast and useful technical assistance on computer systems. You will answer queries on basic technical issues and offer advice to solve them.

An excellent Help desk technician must have good technical knowledge and be able to communicate effectively to understand the problem and explain its solution. They must also be customer-oriented and patient to deal with difficult customers.

Help Desk Specialist Resume Template

Your name
Your Phone number
Your email address

A help desk specialist skilled in providing technical support to clients and also knowledgeable in troubleshooting computer hardware, and software is looking for a position as a help desk technician with XYZ where I can fully utilize my technical skills.

Technical skills
> Troubleshooting

> Microsoft office (word, excel, outlook, suite, etc.)

> Skilled in windows 10

> Knowledgeable in computer software and hardware


Work Experience

Help Desk Coordinator – Grand Rapids | 2018 – 2020
> Provided both email and phone support to 500+ client

> Assisted with assigning IP Addresses and re-imaging PCs, Laptops, and all other types of equipment

> Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved a wide range of software, hardware, and network issues

Help Desk Support – LYNX | 2016 – 2017
> Installed, configured, and set up desktop hardware and software

> Led online training sessions for new users

Education & Certification
De Paul University
BachelorĘąs degree in Computing | 2012

Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE)

IT Support Resume Job Description

The IT support personnel is responsible for maintaining the computer network of the company.

They are responsible for providing support, maintaining, and monitoring the computer systems.

They install and configure software and hardware issue and they also solve technical problems.

They are responsible for creating accounts for new users/clients. They repair and replace damaged equipment as fast as possible.

IT Support Resume Template

Your name
Your phone number
Your email address

An IT support specialist with strong dedication and enthusiasm seeks the position of an IT support specialist in a reputable company where I can fully utilize my technical problem-solving skills.

Technical skills
> Computer hardware/software
> Splunk
> Routers
> Printers
> MS office
> Active directory
> Desktop support

Work Experience

IT support specialist- Crane & Jenkins| 2016 – 2018
> Provided phone and technical support to a wide range of client and employees

> Routinely inspected all computer hardware, identified problems, repaired and replaced damaged hardware

> Received high customer service ratings on all resolved tickets

Ohio State University
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science | 2011-2015

Help Desk Analyst Job Description

The help desk analyst is focused on helping customers/clients resolve a wide variety of computer issues. They are always on the front line of customer support.

They perform remote support tasks such as live chat support, email support, phone call support, and remote support.

They deal with time-sensitive issues, train, coach, and advice others on more complex technical issues

They are the one in charge of the FAQs update

They keep an eye on the tracking system to check for an increase or decline in trends to aid a better improvement to the help desk.

Help Desk Analyst Resume Template

Your name
Your phone number
Your email

A multi-certified help desk analyst offering extensive experience in help desk software, and excellent communication and relational skills with customers at all levels of proficiency seeks the opportunity to spark his career in a reputable company.

> Knowledgeable in the field of troubleshooting simple and complex tech problems

> Effective in generating and completing work order ticket effectively

> Skilled at providing technical support over the phone

> Well-versed with windows operating system XP and windows 10

> Skilled in creating and maintaining client logins, passwords, etc

> Concentrates well under pressure

> Effective communication and relational skills

Work Experience

Help Desk Analyst- Spec Pro Inc | 2016 – 2018

> Worked with new clients in the creation of new accounts, resetting passwords, etc.

> Performed scheduled hardware and software installations

> Worked on a ticket system and tracked a trend in the help desk

> Provided phone and online support to over 50 clients/day effectively and efficiently

> Troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues for clients and company

California State University
BachelorĘąs degree in Computer Science 2011-2015

Technical Skills
Microsoft certified desktop technician
CompTIA A+

Help Desk Technician Job Description

A help desk technician is one who gives the response to the client’s queries on the phone, via email, through personal contact, and remote access.

They provide technical solutions in the configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of hardware, software, and computer systems.

They give training to computer users, and train staff in troubleshooting and how to diagnose technical problems.

They also reach out to the client to get feedbacks that can be implemented to improve training methods.

Help Desk Technician Resume Template

Your name
Your phone number
Your email

A multi-certified help desk technician knowledgeable in troubleshooting hardware, software, and connectivity issues seeks the job of a help desk technician in a well-established organization that will enable me to utilize my professional skills.

Technical skills
> Microsoft office (word, excel, outlook, suite, etc.)

> Troubleshooting hardware, software, and other connectivity issues

> Well-versed in HTML, HTTP, and IP


> Skilled in Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10

> Efficient in active directory

Work experience

Help Desk Technician-ABC Company | August 2012 – 2015

> Managed SQL database backups

> Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved issues on hardware, software, and connectivity issues

> Assisted in training sections for personnel education

Branford University, London
Bachelorʹs degree in Computer Science | 2016 – 2020

Help Desk Support Job Description

The IT help desk support provides the client with technical support on how to use hardware and software properly.

They diagnose the cause of a hardware and software issue by providing technical support and troubleshooting ideas to ascertain the cause of the problem.

They also train employees on how to use new hardware and software.

Help Desk Support Resume Template

Certified IT help desk support professional is seeking the job of an IT help desk support staff at XYZ, Sometown-TX where I can utilize my knowledge and expertise.

Technical skills
> Skilled in DNS and network management tools

> Knowledgeable in computer software and hardware IP, UDP, ICMP

> Well-versed in troubleshooting PC application and networking issues

> In-depth knowledge of SAP and windows active directory

> Skilled in Microsoft office suite and outlook

Work experience

IT help desk support- Mayfield Cop, USA | 2018-2019

> Assisted in helping customers solve hardware and software issues

> Located and implemented solutions to the root cause of technical errors

> Provide effective solutions to problems within the Microsoft office (excel, outlook, word, etc.)

> Worked as a team with the help desk operators

> Assisted in troubleshooting PC applications

California State University, North Ridge
Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Microsoft office specialist (MOS)


We’ve finally come to a wrap.

We hope you got great insight?

We advise you to make use of all the tips to tailor an outstanding IT helpdesk resume.

Alternatively, you can proceed to our CEOMichaelHR certified Resume Writers to create a professional resume that land interviews 3x faster. Or reach out to us at to get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job and career-related questions and concerns.


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