IT Help Desk Resume Samples & Job Description (2022)

Are you an IT personnel in need of a sample IT help desk resume? Are you someone who finds it very easy to troubleshoot and explain complicated technical issues? Then you are the most suitable person for the job of a help desk professional.

The help desk professional provides technical support to customers on issues regarding software, hardware, or other computer systems. They are on the front line of the business providing technical assistance to diverse sorts of customers.

A help desk officer must be one who is technologically inclined, must have good writing-editing skills, good communication skills, and effective time management.

Itʹs not enough that you are technologically inclined or that you meet up with the basic requirement for the post of a help desk, the most important and crucial thing is how you present or showcase your technical, customer, and diagnostic skills in your resume to generate interest from employers.

This article contains a detailed guide on how to write a help desk resume which is different from a help desk CV. The article also contains all types of help desk resumes be it an IT help desk support resume or a help desk analyst resume, and lots more.

Kindly leverage your attention for a few minutes.

Your help desk resume should give details about your ability to provide technical support relevant to your employers’ needs. Stand out as a help desk operator who is able to efficiently provide tech support, thus achieving the right result.

Your help desk resume should show the company that you can meet up with all the provided job requirements displayed for the help desk position. I will be giving an example of different types of resumes related to the help desk resume, ensure you stay glued to your device.

Help Desk Resume Sample

The sample above was designed by one of our experts and in compliance with HR standards. This is how an IT help desk resume should look like. Please note that there are certain guidelines guiding resume writing which I have simply explained below. Your resume should contain:

  • Your full name
  • Mailing address
  • Your Phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your Profile
  • Highlights
  • Technical Skills
  • Languages
  • A summary of your qualifications
  • Work experiences
  • Education

Note: Please ensure you provide your real details, do not put up skills you know you have no knowledge of.

Below is an example of a typical help desk specialist resume:

Help Desk Specialist Resume Template

Your name
Mailing address
Your Phone number
Your email address


A help desk specialist skilled in providing technical support to clients and also knowledgeable in troubleshooting computer hardware, and software is looking for a position as a help desk technician with XYZ where I can fully utilize my technical skills.

Technical skills

  • Troubleshooting
  • Microsoft office (word, excel, outlook, suite, etc.)
  • Skilled in windows 10
  • Knowledgeable in computer software and hardware

Work experience

Help Desk Coordinator – Grand Rapids | 2018 – 2020

  • Provided both email and phone support to 500+ client
  • Installed and configured software remotely
  • Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved a wide range of software, hardware, and network issues

Help Desk Support – LYNX | 2016 – 2017

  • Installed, configured, and set up desktop hardware and software
  • Led online training sessions for new users

Education & certification

De Paul University
Bachelorʹs degree in Computing | 2012
Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE)

IT Support Resume 

The IT support personnel is responsible for maintaining the computer network of the company. They are responsible for providing support, maintaining, and monitoring the computer system of the company.

They install and configure software and hardware issue and they also solve technical problems. They are responsible for creating accounts for new users/clients. They repair and replace damaged equipment as fast as possible.

Below is an example of an IT Support resume:

IT Support Resume Template

Your name
Mailing address
Your phone number
Your email address


An IT support specialist with strong dedication and enthusiasm seeks the position of an IT support specialist in a reputable company where I can fully utilize my technical problem-solving skills.

Technical skills

  • Computer hardware/software
  • Splunk
  • Routers
  • Printers
  • MS office
  • Active directory
  • Desktop support

Work experience

IT support specialist- Crane & Jenkins| 2016 – 2018

  • Provided phone and technical support to a wide range of client and employees
  • Routinely inspected all computer hardware, identified problems, repaired and replaced damaged hardware
  • Received high customer service ratings on all resolved tickets


Ohio state university
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science | 2011-2015

The Help Desk Analyst

The help desk analyst is focused on helping customers/clients resolve a wide variety of computer issues. They are always on the front line of customer support.

  • They perform remote support tasks such as live chat support, email support, phone call support, and remote support
  • They deal with time-sensitive issues
  • They train, coach, and advice others in more complex issues
  • They are the one in charge of the FAQs update
  • They keep an eye on the tracking system to check for an increase or decline in trends to aid a better improvement to the help desk

In short, the help desk analyst adds immeasurable value to the company or business.

A help desk analyst job can be a great job for someone looking to play a technological role that not only keeps them busy all the time but makes vast their interpersonal skills.

Due to the tenacity of their job, a help desk analyst earns between $40,500 to $60,250. Want to sign up for the job of help desk analyst? Please check out how to draft your resume below:

Help Desk Analyst Resume Template

Your name
Your mailing address
Your phone number
Your email


A multi-certified help desk analyst offering extensive experience in help desk software, and excellent communication and relational skills with customers at all levels of proficiency seeks the opportunity to spark his career in a reputable company.


  • Knowledgeable in the field of troubleshooting simple and complex tech problems
  • Well-versed with Microsoft Office (outlook, excel, word, etc)
  • Effective in generating and completing work order ticket effectively
  • Skilled at providing technical support over the phone
  • Well-versed with windows operating system XP and windows 10
  • Skilled in creating and maintaining client logins, passwords, etc
  • Concentrates well under pressure
  • Effective communication and relational skills

Work experience

Help Desk Analyst- Spec Pro Inc | 2016 – 2018

  • Worked with new clients in the creation of new accounts, resetting passwords, etc.
  • Performed scheduled hardware and software installations
  • Worked on a ticket system and tracked a trend in the help desk
  • Provided phone and online support to over 50 clients/day effectively and efficiently
  • Troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues for clients and company

Education & certification

California State University
Bachelorʹs degree in Computer Science 2011-2015

Microsoft certified desktop technician
CompTIA A+

Help Desk Technician

A help desk technician is one who gives the response to the client’s queries on the phone, via email, through personal contact, and remote access.

  • They provide technical solutions in the configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of hardware, software, and computer systems
  • They give training to computer users
  • They train staff in troubleshooting and how to diagnose technical problems
  • They also reach out to the client to get feedbacks that can be implemented to improve training methods

Help Desk Technician Resume Template

Your name
Your mailing address
Your phone number
Your email address


A multi-certified help desk technician knowledgeable in troubleshooting hardware, software, and connectivity issues seeks the job of a help desk technician in a well-established organization that will enable me to utilize my professional skills.

Technical skills

  • Microsoft office (word, excel, outlook, suite, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting hardware, software, and other connectivity issues
  • Well-versed in HTML, HTTP, and IP
  • Skilled in Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10
  • Efficient in active directory

Work experience

Help Desk Technician-ABC Company | August 2012 – 2015 –

  • Managed SQL database backups
  • Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved issues on hardware, software, and connectivity issues
  • Assisted in training sections for personnel education


Branford University, London
Bachelorʹs degree in Computer Science | 2016 – 2020

IT Help Desk Support

The IT help desk support provides the client with technical support on how to use hardware and software properly.

They diagnose the cause of a hardware and software issue by providing technical support and troubleshooting ideas to ascertain the cause of the problem. They also train employees on how to use new hardware and software.

Example of a Resume Designed for an IT Help Desk Support

Your name
Your mailing address
Your phone number
Your email address


Certified IT help desk support professional is seeking the job of an IT help desk support staff at XYZ, Sometown-TX where I can utilize my knowledge and expertise.

Technical skills

  • Skilled in DNS and network management tools
  • Knowledgeable in computer software and hardware IP, UDP, ICMP
  • Well-versed in troubleshooting PC application and networking issues
  • In-depth knowledge of SAP and windows active directory
  • Skilled in Microsoft office suite and outlook

Work experience

IT help desk support- Mayfield Cop, USA | 2018-2019

  • Assisted in helping customers solve hardware and software issues
  • Located and implemented solutions to the root cause of technical errors
  • Provide effective solutions to problems within the Microsoft office (excel, outlook, word, etc.)
  • Worked as a team with the help desk operators
  • Assisted in troubleshooting PC applications


California State University, North Ridge
Bachelor’s degree in computer science


Microsoft office specialist (MOS)


In summary, remember to always have your employer’s solution in mind while you draft your resume, and please ensure you provide the correct piece of information.

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