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10 Signs an Interview Went Well or Bad

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Most candidates report two opposite reactions whenever they step out of an interview with their potential recruiters.

One feeling tells how well they perform, whereas the other suggests they failed totally.

Now, this feeling keeps them spending extended hours or days puzzled over the tiniest details of every activity that went on during the interview.

This situation ultimately gets these candidates into the “R&R: Review and Regret” mode — which is not a constructive use of anyone’s time.

It is pretty easy to feel confused as you think through every detail of what happened during the job interview.

These thoughts could be how the hiring manager frowns because he dislikes your answers or isn’t feeling well. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • 10 signs an interview went well
  • How to confidently tell if you have a good chance of being invited to a second round, or landing an employment offer
  • Common tip-offs that your interview went well
  • 5 critical signs an interview went bad

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Most of the time, it’s a gut feeling. Other times, it’s not so clear.

However, our top 10 signs an interview went well can help you take off the guesswork and define your stand.

Without much ado, let’s get started! 

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Top 10 Signs An Interview Went Well

signs an interview went well

1. Your job interview ran long

Except in an emergency situation explained by the interviewer, it’s most likely a bad sign an interview ran short and didn’t fully maximize the given time.

Usually, initial phone or video interviews are brief but traditionally expected to last about 25-30 minutes. 

Because recruiters dislike time wastage, they may shorten the interview once they notice you are not the right fit for the position.

An interview running within the allotted time or longer than expected could be a good you’re your interview went well.

2. You felt excitement in the face of the recruiter or hiring manager

As you proceed with your interview, always observe your potential recruiter’s body language and overall demeanor.

Pay attention to how relaxed they look, their facial excitement, conversation flow, and if they focus on you. 

Once you feel good about your observations, that’s a good sign that the interview is going well.

Note that while you pay this attention, avoid reading deeply into the reverse of that experience.

When recruiters seem distracted, they may have already made up their minds and are simply going through the motions to check the box.

Furthermore, things like job stress, deadlines, or illness are the culprit. 

Always maintain your professionalism and do your best to stay focused on the conversation.

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3. You got the office tour or met other company professionals

There is a clear difference between when an internal recruiter gives you a routine tour of the office and when a hiring manager gives an impromptu one as they walk you back to the reception area.

If your potential recruiter took the time to tour the office and introduce you to team members, chances are they already see you as part of the team. 

More importantly, if you got to meet some management or upper-management staff, it is a good sign that you’re being seriously considered for the role.

Use this opportunity to make a good impression and feel the company culture and your prospective colleagues.

4. You exchange contact information

Were you given a business card or direct lines such as email or phone number by your interviewer to reach them?

If yes, this is great news and a good sign your interview went well.

You got it even better if the interviewer admonishes you to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Don’t hesitate and follow up on the opportunity if you have any questions or additional information to share that would help you get an offer. 

Furthermore, it’ll be great if you take the time to send a thank-you letter or email reaffirming your interest in the role.

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5. Your interviewer sells you the job

Do you find your interviewer spending time explaining why the job is great, in other words, promoting the role, the company culture, and why they love being a part of the team?

If yes, this is another good sign your interview went very well.

It is logical that your interviewer probably wouldn’t try to “sell” you the job if they had no interest in you landing the role.

To cap this, it is a good sign when they ask when you could begin work if you were hired. 

Knowing when you can start is a good sign that you’re strongly considered for the role.

6. Salary discussion comes up

Sometimes, money discussion would not come to most recruiters’ thoughts unless they’re really serious about landing you the offer.

When questions about your current, past, and expected salary come up during your interview, it’s a sign that your interview is going well and you’re being considered for the job.

7. The interviewer responds to your follow-up message

If you receive a prompt response from your interviewer after sending your thank-you letter expressing your gratitude for the interview opportunity, that seems to be a good sign your interview went well.

Don’t forget to observe the tone of their response.

Take, for instance, a message like, “Thank you for coming in to meet with us! We very much appreciate it and look forward to following up with you later this week. Have a great day!” 


Something short and dry like, “You are welcome, and thank you. Speak soon.”

You’ll know for sure; the first message wins the mark.

8. The interviewer asked specific questions about your transition

We know very well that the hiring process doesn’t only revolve around job interviews. 

Based on your unique situation, there may be background checks, medical checks, training, non-compete agreements, and references to check. 

If the recruiter or the hiring manager wanted to know the details of those or your available start date, you’ve got some good signs that they are seriously considering you for the job.

9. Your questions are answered in full

Since your interviewer wants you to be sold on the opportunity, they would be eager to provide complete answers to all of your questions and concerns. 

If you are provided detailed answers to the questions, you asked and checked with you that these answers were clear, then this is a good sign that the hiring manager wanted to impress you just as much as you wanted to impress them. 

Ultimately, this is a good sign your interview went well.

10. You are asked “closing questions” at the end

When asked questions about the notice period and possible start dates, this can be a good sign that the interviewer is thinking ahead to the next stage.

When you are also asked if you are still interested in the role, and if you have any other interviews, this is another good sign that the interviewer is focused on you.

They don’t want to lose out on the competition.

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5 Critical Signs An Interview Went Bad

There are various signs to show that your job interview went bad.

This section reveals 5 signs that your interview might have gone badly.

And perhaps you don’t notice any of these poor signs during your job interview; likely, your interview went pretty well.

1. Your interviewer expressed poor body language 

It is quite easy to know if your interview is going well or not by merely observing the body language of your interviewer.

These body language signs are usually shown within the first few interview questions and answers after you begin talking.

While each interviewer has their personality and body language, and more so that you’ve likely never met this person, it’s safe not to read too much into this one sign.

Let’s peruse more signs an interview went bad below.

2. The hiring manager didn’t share much information about the position

Usually, if hiring managers are interested in landing you an offer, they’ll want to sell their job and attract you, just like you’re trying to sell yourself to them.

So, if an employer does very little to tell you about the position or what you’d be doing in the role, it’s a sign that your interview went bad.

Note that these signs are to be judged based on who you interviewed with. 

If you had an interview with a low-ranked HR person, they might be there to cover some basics with you, such as going over your resume. 

So that after the next interview round, the hiring manager will explain the role in more detail.

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3. There was no connection or bond with the interviewer

Interviewers and hiring managers have different ways they follow through with an interview. 

You’ll notice some joking with you and asking their interview questions in a casual format, while others put up very serious faces.

So, this one sign is not enough for you to judge and panic.

If you noticed other signs complementing the sign where the interviewer didn’t really bond with you via humor, small talk, etc., it’s a sign that an interview went bad.

This indicates that the interviewer didn’t consider you a good fit for the company culture.

You can, however, conclude that the interviewer’s style keeps the conversation dry and professional if the interviewer was quiet and serious but did take the time to ask you some questions about yourself and get to know you.

4. The interviewer told you they have concerns

This is an obvious sign an interview went bad – sometimes the interviewer will tell you outright that they have concerns about your experience or the answers you gave.

While it is normal to lose confidence during mid-interview, see it as a chance to explain or provide more details.

However, if you fail to do this, and the interview ends without addressing some of the highlighted concerns, it’s unlikely you’ll get a job offer, and it’s most likely a sign your interview went bad.

5. The interviewer kept going through your resume over and over

It is very okay when your interviewer asks, “Walk me through your resume,” or looks through your resume while asking questions about your prior experiences.

However, if they kept looking at your resume and asking you questions about the same piece of experience over and over, they might have had concerns about how your skills would fit their job and organization.

It could also be a sign that the interviewer was new or inexperienced.

Otherwise, this can be a sign an interview went bad.

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You mustn’t lose focus if you feel your interview went well or badly.

Keep job searching and applying to positions. Never let your momentum down.

One critical mistake many job seekers make is they get one or two interviews scheduled and stop applying for jobs, and they hope the first couple of employers they talk to will be interested.

This is like a gamble and often leads to job seekers going months without a job since they wait and do nothing each time an employer seems interested.

Keep spreading the word, sending your resume to employers, and applying to relevant positions.

Never stop using it for jobs until you feel confident, you’re being offered that job of your dream.

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signs an interview went well


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