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What to Wear to a Summer Interview

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For those scheduled for an interview this summer period, success to you! Not knowing what to wear or how to choose a perfect combination of color for a summer interview is really confusing for many people.

What you need to wear to a summer interview remains the same with every other professional outfit that is used for interviews or official purpose.

The slight difference here is; the professional outfit looks the same but it is not heavy or too thick.

The thickness of your outfit during the summer interview should be taken into consideration because of excess heat in this period.

Wearing the right clothing for an interview in summer seasons can be a serious challenge.

The truth remains, no matter the hotness of the season, you can’t appear for an interview looking like someone who is dressed for a club or a birthday party.

You must appear professional before your potential employer.

Appropriate Outfit for a Summer Interview

As earlier stated, summer interviews are the same with interviews scheduled for other months of the year, the difference is in the weather conditions of this period.

The weather during this period of the year is usually unfriendly to humans as it causes heat, keeps you uncomfortable and even make you become dehydrated.

Summer Interview Outfits

When you have an interview in the summer period, it is better to leave early in the morning before the sun becomes very hot, keeping u sweaty and restless.

You wouldn’t want that at all!

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5 Summer Interview Outfits 2022

Some of the summer interview outfits that can still make you look presentable and comfortable are:

  1. Light pant suit
  2. Underarm pad
  3. Accessories
  4. Shoes
  5. Light shirt

Light Pant Suit

They are also known as trousers. It is usually designed for women which gives them an opportunity to enjoy mobility and flexibility.

Using this particular outfit, it should not be heavy at this period of the year.

Cotton pant suit are best recommended for summer interviews.

Warning: Perhaps you find a lightweight suit in seersucker, do away with classic colorings like light blue or red stripes. Seersucker suits can conjure images of the Kentucky Derby or “The Great Gatsby” if you’re not careful.

Underarm Pad

These are disposable cotton pads that stick to your skin to absorb excess sweat.

It gives comfort as it prevents foul odor, and stops dripping sweat that makes your outfit look damp.

If u don’t have an underarm pad, you don’t have to worry! Just apply this simple trick; wake up early and get to the venue of the interview before the day goes sunny.


Don’t try to overdo things.

Too heavy accessories should not be used this period. Just keep it simple, neat and attractive.

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Interviews are strictly official business and the type of shoes used for summer interviews really matters a lot.

Footwear like sandals and flip flops should be avoided at all cost.

What to Wear to a Summer Interview

Light Shirt

Shirt made with cotton are suitable for summer weather conditions.

To enjoy maximum comfort during summer interviews, light shirt is recommended but not transparent shirt that reveal your cleavages or your entire body shape.

5 Wrong Summer Interview Attire

  1. Tank top
  2. Sneakers
  3. Heavy makeup/too much perfume
  4. Short skirt/Short
  5. Baggy

Tank Top

Having understanding of the interview you are going for is a great key to achieving success.

Interviews are strictly for official purpose, so, having a tank top for this purpose is automatically out of place.

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The fact that the weather makes you feel uncomfortable does not mean you have to show up at your place of interview in sneakers, polo or face cap.

It is totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

Interviews are for professional purpose; your mode of dressing should be really professional and not party or fun like.

Heavy Makeup/Too Much Perfume

It is possible your employer might have allergies to harsh or very strong perfume.

If you must apply scents for summer interview, always try as much as possible to keep it mild.

Use a good perfume that suits the summer season.

It is also important to look your best for an interview but in the bid of doing this, it is good to take into consideration the type of makeup you wear; that is, the color of your lipstick, nail polish and foundation.

These items color should not be too dark or sharp.

Your makeup should be mild and moderate.

Short Skirt/Short

Using a short skirt or short for a summer interview with the excuse of excess sweat, is really unacceptable.

Using these outfits below is out of place as it makes you appear so unserious, seductive and unprofessional.

Wrong Attire for Summer Interviews Outfit


This outfit is totally out of place.

Always remember that you have to look polished, classy and professional.

Your outfit shouldn’t be the reason you lost your golden opportunity to get that dream job.

Why baggy for an interview? In fact, it shouldn’t be mentioned among your outfit set aside for an interview.

Your mode of dressing for an interview says a lot about you, it’s like a mirror of who you are so, dress professionally for interviews to be on the safe side, be guided!

Tips For Choosing Summer Interview Outfits

Irrespective of what you have available in your wardrobe, it is important that you give a great attention to selecting the right clothing for your summer job interviews as this will ultimately speak well of you.

Ensure that you dress with great professionalism.

Below are a few tips to put into consideration when deciding what you’ll wear to a summer job interview:

  • When in doubt, dress more conservatively
  • Choose clothing that is lighter in color to keep cool
  • Ensure that your interview outfit is not too revealing
  • Make sure your clothing is in good condition
  • Avoid overly flashy accessories or clothing styles

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