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Tips for Writing a Perfect Resume

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A resume is a document that you create to apply for a specific job with your educational and professional experiences integrated into it.

You must create a strong resume if you want to get your hands on a job. There are some striking elements that you must add to your resume to get the attention of your potential employer.

We will educate you on how you can write a great resume.

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Guidelines to Write a Flawless Resume

You can furnish an excellent resume if you use accurate and credible information. Following are some valuable techniques to help curate an imperious resume.

Keep Your Resume Brief

The first target you should keep in mind in resume writing is conciseness. It would help if you tried to keep it to the length of one page only. So, mentioning your recent qualification and job experience will be enough. But you can add extra pages if extra information makes your resume distinctive from your competitors.

However, if you stuff your resume with the same kind of experience, then it will not spark a good impact on the employer’s mind.

Use A Creative Template

While creating your resume, you should use a customized template instead of copying one from the internet. It is because hiring teams prefer those candidates who bring originality and creativity to the table. That’s why a customized resume can increase your job-landing chances by leaps and bounds.

But, if you can’t create a resume, you can get help from a Resume Builder. Many online platforms provide this service.

You can use any resume builder free to make a good resume. There are premade templates available on such a service to add your information. After making some changes, you will have a resume of yours in no time. 

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Add Experience Related to The Job Post

It would be best if you never used the same resume for multiple job posts because that is not a suitable way to go. Instead, you must always generate a separate resume per job requirements.

This practice will help you to incorporate experiences relevant to a specific job. Consequently, you will be able to create a more impactful resume that will sharpen your chances of success.

Otherwise, if you use one resume for different job opportunities, you won’t be able to get one with better benefits.

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Use Stats and Figures in Your Resume

If you quantify your previous experiences with numbers and figures, it becomes easier for interviewers to judge your credibility and capability.

In addition, it gives them a clear sense of the impact you can leave on their company or organization.

So, it is a compulsion for you to add correct and genuine stats to your resume while applying for a job.

Include Buzzwords in Your Resume

Buzzwords are phrases that are fashionable in the current market. Therefore, you should also use some fancy jargon in your resume.

It educates the employers that you are a person who likes to keep yourself up-to-date with the market trends. It depicts your adaptability with the changing shifts in a field which every company looks for in a worker.

Use Technical Diction in Your Resume

While crafting your resume, you should add some technical terms related to a job post. It represents you having a strong knowledge of your field and knowing the inside out of its dynamics with a firm grip on the required expertise.

Use strong action words that give a positive message, like achieved, managed, designed, etc. As a result, you stand out as a distinctive person, which results in getting that specific job in your pocket.

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Give Your Social Media Profiles’ Links

Highlighting your social media links on your resume is another solid practice for presenting yourself effectively in front of the hiring team.

Adding your social media profiles’ links gives them a chance to look deeply into the type of character you are and the traits you carry.

Moreover, it leaves a strong message that you are presenting your true self in front of them without hiding any part of your personality.

However, if you don’t want to provide links to other profiles, you must highlight your LinkedIn profile to give them an idea about your professional journey.

Proofread Your Resume

It is a must-do practice for you if you want to increase your chances of securing a job. Before submitting your resume, you must proofread it to remove all kinds of mistakes.

If you submit an error-free resume, it counts as a huge plus point. However, if you give in a rough draft, then the likelihood of your rejection increases.

You should not only look to remove spelling or sentence mistakes but also eradicate all kinds of plagiarism.

May be the objectives or career goals you have added get matched with any other. You should check plagiarism of your final resume with the help of a plagiarism detector.

All you need to do is to place your resume in an online plagiarism checker free, and it will highlight the duplicated parts, if there are any. Following the results, you can eliminate them by replacing them with new ones.


These are some golden principles for writing a resume. We hope this article will help you enough in drafting a compelling and enthralling resume.

Best wishes!


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