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Is it Alright to Bring Notes to an Interview?

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Is it alright to bring notes to an interview? Is it best practice to do this? Well, perfect answer is “it depends!”

As we know, job interviews are basically about information exchange, and you may need to ensure you are not losing out on important information by penning them down as you go on the interview process.

So, are you wrong to bring notes into an interview?

It all depends on what is written in the notes you carried along.

In certain scenarios, you might be seen as a candidate that is fully prepared and enthusiastic about the company and the position you are applying for when you go along with notes to an interview.

Can I bring notes to an interview?

One great way to justify taking notes to an interview is having a structured list of questions you’d like to add related to the job description or the company.

Such list could impress you have taken a great deal of your time in researching extensively about the company or organization.

You’ll however, be patient until you’re asked by the interviewer if you got questions, after which you take good advantage of your notes.

Furthermore, additional copies of your resume could be carried along by you perhaps other professionals at your interview may require it.

It is best practice to refer to your resume so you can stay focused on important information throughout the interview process.

Any form of notes and pen is allowed for an interview except electronics.

Going for an interview, it is ideal you go along with hand written questions or a printed form of note which should be neatly arranged in an envelope or a file.

Having notes with you at an interview does not mean you have to read whatever it is you might have written down to the hearing of the employer or interviewer.

It is your personal item and should be termed sacred, and not to be shared with your interviewer.

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Whatever is written in your note is meant for you and not the entire organization.

Feel free to glance through it, ask relevant questions from it, and focus on how to use what you have in your note to scale through your interview and get the job rather than reading what you have written down out loud to the hearing of your employers.

bringing notes to an interview

Note: “Keep your notes brief by ensuring only key points are jotted down while you actively participate in the interview process without losing focus”

Your main reason of bringing notes is to be confident examples of what you have done and your accomplishments are adequately jotted down so you can probably review them before your interview.

However, try not to focus on these notes when doing a face-to-face interview as the key is to not look like you’re reading your answers.

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What notes you need for an interview?

1. Notepad

The best note one needs for an interview is a note with a list of already drafted questions you desire to ask the employer.

Having a notepad shows that you have done intense research on the organization you wish to work for.

This also gives an impression that you’re willing to accept responsibilities if given an opportunity in that organization.

2. Your Resume

It is important to always have this in mind, interview sections are incomplete without your resume.

Going for your job interviews, always have copies of your resume with you.

Most times, the employer might ask you questions on your acquired skills.

Glancing through your resume is an ideal way to ensure you don’t omit vital information that needs to be presented at the interview.

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It is very important to utilize your notes in recording your observations of the company, the work terrain and even the role you are seeking to occupy.

Relevant details such as names, titles and other key information of persons you met will go a long way in assisting you avoid mix ups and also facilitate a great thank you letter inspiration after the interview and preparation for the next round.

Wrong notes for an Interview

Preparing for an interview is a lot of process.

It entails working on your physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological wellbeing and trust me, you don’t want anything to jeopardize your efforts.

When going for an interview, it is important to know that there are certain notes which are tagged “Wrong Note” that shouldn’t be at your possession during an interview section.

These items are any devices like phones, laptops and iPad.

Some of these might be essential to you but also stand a chance of ruining your reputation or your chances of getting your dream job.

wrong notes to an interview

These items have the capacity to divert your attention as your phones might ring out, or beep an email on these devices which you might be tempted to attend to without paying the required attention to the interviewer.

Having the understanding that what you are going for is an interview and not a business meeting is paramount.

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to destroy all the resources you have invested in your interview such as; time, money and energy with the mistake of not knowing the right note to take with you for the interview.

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It is totally cool to go for an interview with a note.

There may be indispensable information you cannot do without, having a note to write them down for an interview is important.

Taking notes to an interview enables you to ask questions that you might forget in the course or the end of an interview.

Bringing notes to an interview, most times help you perform excellently at an interview as it enables you pick all vital information and sometimes questions which might come as an after-math of the interview.

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