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25 Unique Interview Questions To Ask Employer

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Many job seekers are used to asking the same generic questions during interviews. This makes them miss a huge opportunity to impress their potential employers.

As a former recruiter, I will share 25 unique interview questions to ask employer. These questions will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you’ve done quality research.

When preparing for an interview, it can be nerve-wracking to imagine every possible question you could be asked, let alone what you should ask during the interview.

However, this part of an interview is a strong determinant for landing that dream job. Here comes your opportunity to shine!

Tazeen Raza from LinkedIn, an interview coach quoted:

Asking questions is a great way to show you did your research. Employers want people who are go-getters and don’t require tons of direction. Show that you’re interested in this company and role specifically, and that this isn’t just one of many positions you’ve applied to.

You’ll want to outline questions demonstrating your passion for the company and your target role.

When you’re out on a job interview, this is not just a chance for your potential employer to get to know you – they’re also a chance to get to know the company and people you’re hoping to spend a substantial amount of your daily time working with.

Since the chance to ask questions usually comes at the end of an interview, this insinuates that the questions you ask can impact how your interviewers see and remember you.

Therefore, in your best interest, you must choose carefully and intelligently!

By using these “unique interview questions to ask employer” guide, you’re confident to stand out as a candidate and gain a better understanding of whether the job is a good fit for you or not. 

Warning: Ensure the interviewer you are asking these questions has the right level of responsibility and authority to provide answers.

So, what makes a good interview question?

Below are 25 of the best unique interview questions to ask employer:

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1. What does it take to be successful here?

These unique interview question makes the hiring manager see your desire to find success in their opening.

Employers are convinced about your determination to be the best in your career.

By asking this question, you won’t be seen as one who is average in ideas or all about money.

Your resume might single you out as one with essential skills to do the job, but hiring managers expect more from you during the job interview.

They watch out for a candidate with a positive attitude and who is ready to be success minded for the company.

So, asking this question in your interview will make the hiring team less worried about you failing in the role.

Usually, these are some of the biggest concerns employers typically have about new employees. 

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2. What do the most successful people here do differently than everyone else?

The hiring manager, in this case, finds you reasonable, different and overly interested in being a top performer in the job.

They find you different from other candidates and are excited to get you hired.

This question convinces them of your focus on becoming successful even before offering you the job.  

3. Why do you think I should accept this position?

This unique interview question welcomes new ideas that cause a transformation.

Your potential recruiter will be excited and happy to highlight the job’s best-selling points.

After convincing employers why you are the best fit for the job, asking this question inspires them to shed more light on the job role.

You have to be cautious and mindful of the tone of your voice, as you may be misinterpreted.

Reiterating your interest in the position and staying positive is the best way to avoid the wrong messaging.

4. How quickly is the company growing?

Nobody wishes to find themselves in a failing company before realizing it.

To avoid this situation, it’s always wise to get background information about a company before applying for any role.

Employers should answer this unique interview question to provide great insight while helping with the research you have at hand.

Asking your potential employer this question gives them a big picture of your personality.

Most companies intend to hire job seekers who wish to stay longer, probably more than a year.

Your passion for sticking around shows great interest in the company’s growth potential.

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5. What about my resume caught your attention for this position?

Asking this question helps to identify the part of your resume that caught your employer’s interest.

You can elaborate on those critical parts when answering questions during the interview.

A clearer picture of what caught the employer’s attention can make you take hold of them by sharing more information and examples.

This information or examples should be cited from your past success stories and achievements.

You can ask them questions like…

“Is there anything else you want to know on this particular topic?”

This can allow for more discussion on the topic and more information about your background.

6. Where do you expect the business to be in one year?

Asking this unique interview question can help you demonstrate your qualities as a forward thinker ready to invest in the company’s success.

If, in any way, the company improves in the next year, you can stand chances of gaining available leadership positions. 

7. What is the largest challenge facing your organization, and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?

This question gives the employer room to see you as one who is always ready to be a team player and a solution to significant organizational problems.  

8. What are the top skills and traits you’re targeting for this position?

Here is another excellent, unique question to ask the interviewer; they don’t always hear this often.

This question focuses on their interview process and what they’re thinking behind the scenes.

It’s a thoughtful, exciting question that makes you look bold!

It takes courage to ask this question during an interview. This question grabs the hiring manager’s attention and makes them ponder a bit before giving you a thoughtful response.

Whenever you ask a question that makes the employer stop and thinks before they answer, it’s great!

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9. What would success look like in the first 90 days?

This unique interview question flows with a couple of the others above.

Here, employers see you as one who is success driven in the role already and passionate about how to help them achieve tremendous success ahead.

This singular action will excite potential employers to see your determination to help the company, not just for money alone. 

10. How long has the job been open and where are you currently in the hiring process?

This question is an interesting one for the employer as it makes valuable information available and the situation in the hiring process.

As the hiring process continues, this question helps you know what to expect.

Most candidates don’t seem to be asking this question as they don’t know how important it is to help them stand out in the interview. 

11. What are some traits that would make someone not a good fit for this role?

Since most potential employers are not asked this question often, you can seize the opportunity!

Asking your potential employer this unique interview question makes them see how careful and thoughtful you are in your search for an opening.

12. Do your employees ever get together outside of work hours?

Asking your employer this interview question helps you to know if there is a healthy working relationship amongst member staff.

This does not apply to just one person but a group of coworkers finding fulfilment at their workplace, especially outside work.

13. What are some differences between good and great employees in this company?

This unique interview question makes your employer pause and thinks for a moment.

It convinces them of your readiness to be at the top of your game and hope to be the best in your role.  

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14. What’s the most challenging aspect of the role?

This unique interview question for employers satisfies their doubt about your sincerity and readiness to accept challenges.

Job seekers may not easily ask this question, but you might create a difference and earn a bonus when you ask your employer during an interview.

You could back up your question by assessing the interviewer’s mind on the best way to overcome challenges and succeed in the position.

This move is sure to get them excited even more.

15. How would you describe your management style?

This question aims to find out whether you can enjoy their management style, especially the work environment.

Not every hiring manager attends to this question. It makes them think carefully before answering.

This is quite challenging as employers are used to answering generic questions without thinking about it.

16. What are your biggest concerns about the department/team right now?

Hiring managers answer this unique question in a job interview, not the human resources department.

It subjects them to thorough thinking, which makes them provide honest answers about the downsides of the job and company.

No potential employee will go in for a job without knowing what the job entails.

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17. What are you hoping I’d accomplish in the first year here?

This unique interview question is highly recommended to ask employers.

Every hiring manager wants to employ workers who have a plan to serve the company for a long time.

Although not every employee knows where they will be in the next few years as they can switch with time.

It is essential to know what the employer expects from you within your first year in their company, the same as what the second year will look like.

The coming year could come with packages such as potential official promotions, additional responsibilities, etc.

The company you work for must be transparent and open about potential career tracks, long-term progression, and professional development opportunities.

So, this question will boost your understanding of how this employer manages their employees beyond the initial training period and into future years.

18. How do performance reviews work here?

Accepting a job without knowing what your performance review process will look like may not be good.

It’s okay to be acquainted with how often reviews are given and who decides whether your performance is satisfactory.

It’s also essential to know which specific parts of your job are ranked and considered.

This is one of the most important questions to ask before accepting a job. 

19. What have people gone on to do in the company after holding this position?

Employers need to answer this unique interview question because of its importance.

It concerns your future career growth.

Asking this question makes your interviewer see you as one who is motivated and goal-oriented.

It prepares you for more job offers as many companies like to see this in their candidates.

20. What has been your best experience working here?

You can tender this personality-based question to a group of people in your job interview.

This interview question is unique enough to engage and light up an interesting discussion.

With this, you can build more resonance and get to know the interviewer.

So interesting, isn’t it?

21. What’s the first problem or challenge the person you hire will need to tackle?

Asking your potential employer this unique interview question proves how focused and ready you are to make a valuable effort from the start.

It will convince your employer of the perfect role you are looking to handle comfortably.

During the interview, you can find out the company’s most significant challenges so you can talk more on the topic while presenting yourself as a problem solver.

Or, if you feel you have already discussed the topic, you could say:

“That’s great to hear, since I’ve done similar work at my past company and helped them solve this exact type of problem. I know we touched on that past work in this interview already, but is there anything else I can provide in terms of information on the topic? I’m happy to share more if so.”

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22. Does your company have any advantages over your competitors in the market?

Asking this in your job interview will show that you’re a big-picture thinker.

You’ll sound like someone who is naturally curious about the business’s overall success.

You can prove yourself before your interviewer as not just a candidate who follows the crowd but simply one who thinks different and catches a bigger picture.

That’s a trait every hiring manager would like to see in a candidate. 

23. What’s one thing you’re hoping a new person can bring to the role?

Here is one vital and creative question to ask employers.

It is a question that a former recruiter highly recommended for some reasons.

A part of this question depicts you as one who instils focus and dedication to make a change once hired.

Another aspect of the question proves your curiosity to effect a positive change via new ideas, unlike sticking to an old tradition.

Employers who respond to interview questions like this see you as proactive, intelligent and distinguished from the other candidates. 

24. I noticed that you’ve been at this company for x years. How have things changed in the company since you started, and what advice would you give to yourself with the knowledge you have now?

According to Raza the life coach, he says;

This shows that you’re interested in the history of the company and its evolution. It allows the interviewer to see that you have done your research and are eager to learn from people that have been at the company for a number of years.

25. What are the next steps in the interview process and when can I expect to hear back?

This may not be as creative as those questions above, but certainly a strong, unique interview question worth asking an employer during an interview.

The question shows that you are organized and highly interested in the job.

It gives you an insight into what to expect at the end of the interview, so you will not be too anxious while waiting for feedback.

You will know how long to wait after the interview and be ready to follow up by email if you haven’t heard back within the specified timeframe.

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Why ask employers unique interview questions, and what key areas to ask questions about?

It is vital to note that asking questions during an interview is an essential part of the interview.

When you ask questions, you demonstrate that you’re curious about the role and how things work beyond what was presented in the job advertisement.

Ensure your questions are unique and based on the information you gathered through secondary research (website, social media presence, Glassdoor, press features, reports) or primary sources (informational interviews with current employees).

As discussed above, you can ask questions about the company’s future, its influence in the industry, specific details about the job requirements, organizational structure, and much more.


While there are many unique interview questions you can ask employers, some will be more beneficial to you than others.

Please don’t ask them all!

Peruse our highlighted list and pick the ones that apply to your situation.

You can ask no exact number of questions, but more than one is usually great, say; two or three.

And if that’s not enough to find out all you want to know, check with the interviewer, and they should be happy to tell you how many questions they can provide answers to.


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